Operation "Tone Up": Getting Fit In About An Hour A Week

No, it’s not a typo…an hour a WEEK.

I just haven’t gotten into a regular exercise regimen since Monkey Boy was born 16 months ago. With four kids, homeschooling, and various extracurricular activities my schedule is pretty much constantly full. There’s just not time for much else.

I don’t need to lose weight but I really, really need to tone and strengthen. I KNOW that my back and neck pain and soreness is largely because my core muscles are weak from my last two back-to-back pregnancies. It’s not a good sign when I have a hard time finding a comfortable position to sleep and wake up with a sore, tired back and neck more often than not.

I also know that my energy level increases and I feel so much better all around when I’m exercising. I just need a routine that I can realistically squeeze into my schedule and the self-discipline to stick to it.

I’ve got the perfect resource, I just need to use it.

PhotobucketSo here’s my plan:

I’m going to commit to doing T-Tapp’s Basic Workout Plus, which is only 15 minutes long, at least three times a week. On the days that I don’t do the workout, I’ll rebound for 5 minutes.

I’m going to check in here every Friday, I’m hoping that will hold me accountable!

I’m setting the bar pretty low at only three times a week, surely I can fit that in, right?

My husband and I both had great success using T-Tapp several years ago right after Peanut, my four year old, was born. We did the measurements, pictures, the whole nine yards.

The results were pretty remarkable.

If you’ve never heard of T-Tapp, it may sound gimmicky at first. It did to me. It’s not at all like any other workout I’ve ever done. The emphasis is on body alignment and posture. And it really does work. It looks simple, but you’d be surprised how that 15 minute workout gets the heart pumping and muscles burning!

Here’s a video clip that illustrates:

I really do love this program.

I love that the techniques taught can be applied to any other exercise and even to every day life. What I’ve learned has made me so much more aware of my posture and has affected the way I sit, walk, and stand throughout the course of the day. The knowledge about body mechanics acquired from T-Tapp is applicable to any form of physical activity.
I also love that there’s no required equipment and it takes up literally no space!
Not to mention the whole 15 minute thing…

It really is the perfect workout for my life. 


Rebounding is the perfect “off day” activity for me. I can do it for a few minutes while I’m waiting on a child to finish an assignment, waiting for dinner to finish cooking, or whatever. My husband and I discovered the benefits of rebounding several years ago and have found it to be another great exercise technique that easily fits into our lifestyle. The health benefits are great.

I’m off to a good start! So far this week I’ve done the Basic Workout Plus twice and it feels great.

Check back in with me each Friday to see how it’s going. I’m not going to post all my measurements but I will report how many inches, if any, I’ve lost and what other results I’m seeing.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I am a T-Tapp Affiliate and any purchases made through this link will result in my receiving a very small commission, which helps me keep this blog going and helps purchase my homeschool materials. But…I’ve been using and recommending the program for several years, and would recommend it regardless of any compensation!)

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