We’ve educated all of our children at home since my oldest was in preschool. I ordered my first homeschool curriculum in 2001! It’s been quite a journey and we love the flexibility and opportunities it affords us! Since my husband doesn’t work Monday through Friday, it’s nice to be able to structure our school schedule where we can spend time with him when he’s off. We love the literature-based approach, and though we use Sonlight as our base, we’re pretty eclectic. 

Our Homeschool
Texas Adventure

Texas Adventure is the state history schedule I’ve put together myself using various books I’ve collected. It’s taking longer than I’d hoped to get it all written and ready, but my plan is to share what we’ve done each week as we journey through the history of the Lone Star State to give you resources and idea for your own study! At some point I’d love to provide a schedule and book list for those who would be interested in something like that. In the meantime, enjoy what I have done so far! 

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