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Healthy Living Just Got Easier!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle: Healthy Living Just Got Easier!

Living a natural, healthy lifestyle is important to me, not only for the benefit of my family’s health and well being, but because I’m firmly convinced that it honors and glorifies God and His creation.

Home With Purpose exists as a way for me to encourage and equip others to do the same. Well, the Ultimate Bundles team has done it again. They’ve put together a comprehensive package of resources to do just that for all of us on this journey.

I’m really, truly, excited to be a part of bringing The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle to you. It embodies what I’m striving for at Home With Purpose: encouraging and equipping others to live in a way that honors and glorifies God in every aspect of home and family life.

I’ve already bought mine – the Vintage Remedies eCourse alone is more than worth it! I’m super excited to dig into it, not to mention the rest!

This is truly an awesome collection of resources, and TODAY is the last day it’s available!

Read on for the details…

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Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living from a Stewardship Perspective

Green_Your_Life-3d_book_cover_500Living a “green” lifestyle to the best of my ability is not only about my family’s health, but just as importantly, a matter of stewardship to me.

For the past decade or so, our family has been committed to educating ourselves on how to be the best stewards of our family’s health and home, and God’s creation in general. We try to make the best choices we can when it comes to the food we eat, the products we use in our home, etc.  Of course, sometimes we have to pick our battles, but we do our best to evaluate everything according to God’s design and make our decisions based on that. One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that the more we learn about the amazing design of our bodies and the incredible natural resources God has provided, the more our appreciation and worship of our Creator grows! 

So, I really appreciate what Emily McClements has done with her ebook, Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living. This resource walks you through making simple changes to your home and lifestyle that can have a big impact on the world around you. It’s a basic guidebook for anyone interested in living a greener and more natural life!

Hydrogen Peroxide: A Simple Preventative & Remedy for Cold & Flu Viruses

Hydrogen Peroxide: A Simple Preventative & Remedy for Cold & Flu Viruses

I don’t know about your area, but around here the cold and flu season has been AWFUL this year!

We don’t do flu shots, so we try to be vigilant about hand washing and taking whatever immune boosting and virus preventing measures we can: plenty of fermented foods and foods high in vitamins C, D, and zinc, essential oils, etc. Still, we’ve endured a couple of bugs in our family already this year. Thankfully, they’ve only lasted a couple of days and haven’t been too severe.

The hardest hit was Karate Kid (12), who spent several days down for the count with aches, chills, fever, and a cough. During the time he was sick, a good friend mentioned to me a tip another friend had given her. She told me that the rest of us ought to use hydrogen peroxide in our ears as a preventative so we didn’t catch what he had. [Read more…]

Weeding Out Wheat: A Simple, Scientific, Faith-Based Guide (Book Launch & Giveaway!)

Weeding-Out-WheatGoing wheat and/or gluten free is all the rage these days. But is it just a fad, or are there valid reasons to consider it?

I’m convinced there are significant benefits for many people, but only in conjunction with a nutrient-dense diet. Replacing wheat and gluten with much of the “gluten free” junk in the grocery store and continuing to consume other unhealthy foods (sugar, transfats, and the like) isn’t going to have much benefit.

Another issue is the evolutionary argument many proponents of giving up wheat use. Many Christians are put off and unconvinced by this line of reasoning.

Weeding Out Wheat: A Simple, Scientific, Faith-Based Guide by Luke and Trisha Gilkerson addresses both of these issues and more. Combining Trish’s love of reading medical literature and Luke’s love of history and theology, this little book explores the scientific basis for this trend, but from a solidly Christian foundation. [Read more…]

The Best of 2013: A Round Up 48 Links You Don’t Want to Miss!

Most Popular Posts

Christmas Day has come and gone (although the Christmas season really doesn’t end for ten more days), and most people are looking forward to the new year!

To get you off to a good start, I got together with a few of my blogging friends to compile a list of our most popular posts from 2013. Whether you’re looking for tips on organizing and housekeeping, some new recipes to spice up your menu, natural health advice, or something else to start off your new year, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here! The following list is divided into different categories, and it contains the top 2 most popular posts from more than 20 different bloggers: the best of 2013! Pin them, bookmark them, share them, USE them!

Enjoy! 🙂 [Read more…]

Coming Soon! The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Black Friday Encore Sale!

UHLB Black Friday collage

Did you miss The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle the first time it came around?

We’ve heard from so many people who were disappointed they missed out the first time around, that we’re happy to announce the Encore Flash Sale for Black Friday weekend only!

I said it before and I’ll say it again:

This one is different from any other bundle I’ve seen. It includes a collection of over 80 ebooksmembership to a 12-week mentorship series with interactive online conference calls and private support groups with well-known bloggers, and multiple other bonusesMuch more than just a set of ebooks and/or products to purchase, it’s designed to encourage, equip, and connect you with a like-minded community!

That’s what I really love about this collection: it’s purpose isn’t just to sell you a bundle of products, but to create a community with interaction, encouragement, and support!

And if you have already purchased one for yourself, this would be the perfect time to buy one (or more!) to use for Christmas! You can gift the entire bundle to one person, or split it up as many ways as you’d like, making multiple gifts out of it!

Do you have a new mom on your list? Gift her Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert and several of the other Healthy Kids and Babies titles! Maybe you have a  gardener in the family. The Gardening Notebook would be a fantastic choice! Do you have a friend or family member who’s just getting started on their real food journey? Better Than a Box, Real Food on a Real Budget and Real Food for the Real Homemaker are excellent choices. The possible combinations and ways to mix and match different titles to create unique, individualized gifts is almost endless! Print them or put them on a CD-Rom with a personalized label and voila! A unique, personal, and useful gift! 

Need a Refresher on What’s Included? [Read more…]