About Home With Purpose

As a Christian wife and mom, I have many job titles, including home educator, spiritual advisor, home manager, nutritionist, financial planner, and event coordinator, among others. What’s my goal in all of these roles?


According to the Westminster Shorter Catechism, the chief end of man is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”. This is our purpose, our reason for existing. So a “home with purpose” also exists to glorify God in all areas: household tasks, family relationships, faith, education, personal growth, and more. 

I want Home With Purpose to be an encouragement to glorify God in every aspect of home and family life.  

“Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31) 

To keep a household running smoothly and not lose sight of the goal, it’s essential to have a plan…to make sure to build order and balance into our days and activities…to go about our tasks with purpose. 


So, just as I have order and routine in how our household runs, I’ve developed a routine here at Home With Purpose to cover the many facets involved in living purposefully to the glory of God. I’ve come up with broad categories and developed a loose weekly format to follow. Here’s what you can expect each week:

  • Sunday/Monday: Home With Purpose. At the beginning of the week I’ll share my thoughts on topics like home organization, schedules and routines, green living, and anything related to keeping home.

  • Tuesday: In the Kitchen & Healthy Living. Tuesdays will be when you can expect to see recipes, nutritional and “real food” information, and thoughts on what I’m doing in the kitchen. This may include meal planning and kitchen organization, or even exercise or other healthy living topics.

  • Wednesday: Family Discipleship/Purposeful Family. I’ll continue to share resources for family discipleship mid-week, and hopefully will be able to develop the content of my Christ-Centered Families class into a series to share here too. This is where I’ll put my thoughts on how we celebrate different holidays, and I may discuss other parenting-related topics here also as the need arises.

  • Thursday: Mom’s Bookshelf/Personal Growth & Hobbies. This will be the time of week for me to share what I’m reading for my own personal growth or pleasure, including things like my bible reading plan or studies, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

  • Friday/Saturday: In Our Classroom/Home Education. The end of the week will be for updates on our current studies, reviews of homeschool-related resources and products, field trip reports, and so on.

This isn’t meant to be rigid, and I’ll rarely have something in every single category every week, but this gives me a framework to organize my writing and gives you an idea when to expect which topics.
So for example, if you’re interested in healthy recipes and my journey with real food, you’ll know to check in early in the week. If you like my book reviews or home education topics, keep an eye out later in the week. Or you can just have Home With Purpose delivered straight to your inbox so you never miss a thing! Of course these categories are somewhat fluid and there are bound to be posts that will overlap more than one category. In that case, I’ll make the call depending on what else is going on at the time.
There will also be times when I’ll deviate for other reasons. For example, sometimes certain products I review have a timeframe on them that will make it necessary to post something on an “off” day, or if I need to link up to participate in reading challenges or other memes. But for the most part, this will be the weekly pattern you can expect to see. 

I hope Home With Purpose blesses you and offers you encouragement on the journey!

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