Stinky Kid Math: Help for Homeschool Algebra and Geometry (Review Crew)

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Upper level math has never been my my forte.

Once my kids hit a certain level I’m more than happy to outsource as much as I can with online and video resources. The latest resource we’ve tried is Stinky Kid Math. For the last several weeks, my high schoolers have been using Stinky Kid Math’s online algebra and geometry tutoring alongside our math curriculum.

This program consists of streamed online videos along with printable worksheets and online games. The videos are divided into three categories:

  • Foundational Algebra (covering Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1)
  • Complex Algebra (covering Algebra 1 and 2)
  • Geometry

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Each of these categories is divided by topic, with each topic having several short videos, a worksheet or two, the applicable chapter from the included ebook, and sometimes a game. There’s also an option to view the videos all together in order, and all the games together.

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The whole idea for Stinky Kid Math started when Todd Matia, the creator and instructor, came up with an off the cuff story about a “stinky kid” to help illustrate algebraic concepts at a teacher’s review session. The story is effective because the humor helps breaks down mental barriers to learning math, and it ties the abstract concepts of how things move around in an equation to something more tangible that people can understand.

So, Stinky Kid Math is concept based, with the goal of teaching the “how” and “why”, and helping students really understand instead of just memorizing. It aims to makes abstract concepts accessible to everyone, especially those who struggle with math.

The videos are short (just a few minutes), clear, and succinct, but not dry. Todd is an engaging teacher, and he really does have a knack for making abstract math concepts understandable. Both of my “math averse” teens have enjoyed the lessons and found them to be helpful in grasping difficult concepts, and I’ve been very impressed with the ones I’ve watched. I’ve had the kids watch the portions that correspond to their current lessons, but watching them all straight through as a refresher or crash course would work great too.

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We’ve found the website layout very well organized and easy to navigate. It’s fairly easy to find the topic you’re looking for, and everything is right there: videos, worksheets, and games. The option to see all the videos at once in order is useful too, and having the games all in one place is handy when you want to play a certain game again but don’t want to have to navigate to the (or remember which!) lesson it was associated with.

As someone who isn’t math inclined, I love the Stinky Kid Math approach! Todd Matia is obviously enthusiastic about his subject, and it shows. This is exactly how I want my kids to learn math, as something applicable to life, not something abstract. I think these videos are a great supplement to any math program out there, and would be beneficial to both struggling and advanced students alike.

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Stinky Kid Math Review
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