In Our Classroom: Kindergarten & Elementary Edition (February 2015)


In Our Classroom: Weekly updates on what days in our kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school homeschool classroom look like.

It’s time for long overdue kindergarten and elementary classroom updates!

The new year has been super busy, and we’ve been on the go so much we’ve been doing the basics academically, but not much extra. I noticed with both of my older kids, that when we had seasons when life got hectic and academics were on the back burner, they took huge leaps in their basic skills in math, reading, and writing, and in their ability to grasp concepts in areas like history and science, even though we weren’t devoting the time I would have liked to any of those areas. I’ve noticed this same phenomenon with both Kendall and Kade in recent weeks. In my mind, this is one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling. The ability to “go with the flow” of life and still see my children blossoming and advancing academically, even when our school days don’t always look like what I had envisioned, has been a real blessing to me through the years.

So, here’s where things stand right now:


History/Geography: We’re doing the highlights of Sonlight’s Core A (Kade) and Core B (Kendall), but not reading everything on the schedule. I mentioned last week that I’m planning to pick back up my Texas Adventures lesson plans to do a unit with Kyle for the rest of this school year, and I’ll be incorporating Kendall and Kade into that too, so we’ll be doing some Texas history at their level. I’m hoping to share more details about that in coming weeks.

Literature: Kendall has been reading through the Magic Treehouse books by herself, and we’re debating what read-aloud selection to start next. I’ve noticed such an increase in her interest in reading on her own that I’m setting a reading goal for her. If she meets the goal, she’ll get her very own Kindle. More on that in coming weeks!

Writing/Spelling: Kendall has blown past Sonlight’s Level 2 LA, so we’ll start the next level in the next couple of weeks. Kade is doing fantastic at sounding out simple words. We’re progressing at a pretty fast pace through Sonlight’s Sounds, Letters, and Easy Words and Explode the Code, and he loves to use the Handwriting Without Tears Wet, Dry, Try app. Both kids are enjoying using Essential Skills Advantage several times a week (read more about this FREE online language arts program here).

Math: We had taken a break from CTC Math and tried out a couple of other programs, but we’ve come back to it in recent weeks. The kids just really like the setup and lessons. I like that they can do it mostly independently and use the iPad instead of the computer.

Science: We’ve been watching some neat videos on various topics at Visual Learning Systems. I’ll be sharing a full review of the site in the next week or so.

I’ll have more to report on Bible, Life Skills, Art, and more in the near future.

How has school gone lately for you? Has the winter weather affected your plans?

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