In Our Classroom: Junior High Edition (February 2015)

In Our Classroom Junior High 2014

I know, I know. This update is long overdue!

I haven’t filled you in on what’s happening in our homeschool since before the holidays! We’ve spent the last six weeks settling into a new routine for the new year, and I’ve neglected to blog about it. So, this week I’m going to catch you up on what’s happening in our junior high and high school, and next week I’ll share what’s going on with kindergarten and elementary.

Kyle (14 next week!!) has been doing great at keeping up with his work so far in the new year. Here’s what he’s been up to:


History/Geography: Kyle is wrapping up with Veritas Press Self-Paced Omnibus 1. For the remainder of the year and into the summer, he’s going to do a unit on Texas and local history. I’m pulling out and brushing up my Texas Adventure materials, and if all goes as planned, I’ll pick that series back up and add to it as we go through it. I’m really looking forward to digging into this with him!

Literature: He’s finished (and thoroughly enjoyed!) the Ashtown Burials series and is working on the A Wrinkle in Time books now.

Writing/Spelling: I think we’re finally at the point where Kyle can quite doing any formal spelling. He’s never been a natural speller, so I’ve kept him doing something for that, but he’s improved a ton in recent months. I think working through Painless Spelling finally helped things click. If you have an older student that needs help with spelling, I highly recommend it! He and Kaitlyn are both still doing well with IEW’s Student Writing Intensive C. They’ve been working on the lesson on how to take notes from a lecture.

Math: We’re still working on getting him ready to go into Teaching Textbooks Algebra. He’s been doing lessons on Khan Academy to brush up.

Science: He’s still really enjoying Studies of God’s Design in Nature, learning how our technology mimics God’s creation.

Language Studies: Visual Latin is still going strong! I highly recommend this program.

Biblical Studies, Life Skills, & Electives

Biblical Studies/Worldview: He’s still working through Scott Petty’s Little Black Book series with his dad, and we’re trying to get our study of Heaven by Randy Alcorn back on track. Watch for more on this in future updates.

Art: He’s still working through Artistic Pursuits Middle School Book 2: Color and Composition.

Electives: Kyle is taking a break from judo this year so he can focus on achieving his second degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do. Next weekend, he’ll perform at his sensei’s ninth degree black belt test. Our local ballet company has also asked him to come back and perform with them in both Peter and the Wolf and Cinderella this spring, after his role as Fritz in The Nutcracker. He’ll be the wolf in Peter and the Wolf next week, and the fiddler in Cinderella next month, so rehearsals for those have taken up his weekends recently. Drama class, guitar, and Awana Trek are all going well too. 🙂

It’s definitely shaping up to be a busy spring! 🙂

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How has the new year gone for you so far?

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