In Our Classroom: High School Edition (February 2015)

In Our Classroom In Our Classroom: Weekly updates on what days in our kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school homeschool classroom look like.

It’s time for a long overdue update!

We’ve spent the last six weeks getting into a new routine for the new year, and I’ve neglected to update you! This week, I’ll catch you up on our junior high and high school classrooms, and next week, I’ll fill you in on kindergarten and elementary. Kaitlyn has been plenty busy since the holidays.

Here’s what our high school classroom has looked like recently:


History/Geography: Notgrass is still working excellent for Kaitlyn! She does sometimes miss the more literature rich Sonlight Cores, but with her busy schedule, this format is much more do-able. It really is a well-done, interesting program! She’s just finished units on world exploration and scientific advancements, and is moving into learning about the period of revolutions.

Literature: After wrapping up the unit on Greek and Roman mythology, she’s going to spend the spring on Shakespeare, using Lightning Lit’s materials. More on that coming in future updates!

Writing: The Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Student Writing Intensive C has been such a great fit for Kaitlyn. I’m really impressed with this course. I’m planning to have her do at least some of the components in the College-Bound Student Package next. I’m not sure if we’ll get to any of those this spring or save them for fall.

Math: Still plugging along with Teaching Textbooks!

Science:  She’s doing a fascinating biology unit on germs and viruses and how they fit into a biblical worldview, using the book The Genesis of Germs. It’s turned out to be very timely with all the controversy lately over the measles outbreak and vaccines! Soon she’ll begin Integrated Physics and Chemistry and continue that through her senior year.

Foreign Language: Visual Latin continues to be a fantastic fit for our family!

Biblical Studies, Life Skills, & Electives

Biblical Studies/Worldview: We’re still reading Heaven as a family, but haven’t quite gotten back on track after the holidays. Our weekly mom/daughter meeting is in the works to resume, we just need to figure out what day and time will work best for us now, since her schedule is a bit different than it was last fall. I’m really looking forward to getting back to this!

Life Skills: I’m working on fitting in weekly sessions of Real Food for the Next Generation with both Kaitlyn and Kyle in the near future! Watch for updates.

Electives: As usual, Kaitlyn’s dance schedule keeps her busy! Regular classes, teaching, and rehearsals for Cinderella are taking up six days a week right now, and next month is her ballet company’s annual trip. This year, they’ll be in Monroe, Louisiana! And of course, there’s also drama class and youth group. It sure has been nice for her to be able to drive herself to most things now, for both her and me!

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Are you doing anything new in your classroom this spring?

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