The Bible in 90 Days Challenge: Week One Tips

Reading through the Bible in 90 days is intense, like a sprint rather than a marathon, but so worth it! Here are my best Bible in 90 Days tips for success.  -

Today is the first day of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge!

By the end of the week you’ll have read both Genesis and Exodus. As we begin this adventure together, I thought I’d share a few tips I gleaned when I did the challenge in 2010.

Here they are. My best Bible in 90 Days tips:

  • I found it much easier to read in small chunks throughout the day rather than in one longer sitting. I read using You Version on my phone, which is easy to carry around and pull out at any time. By reading for 10-15 minutes first thing in the morning, while nursing/rocking the baby, while waiting in the car to pick up a child from lessons, etc. I didn’t have much trouble keeping up with the schedule. Of course, if scheduling one big block of time for reading works for you, go for it! Just know that it doesn’t have to be done that way! Do what works.
  • Keep in mind that this isn’t supposed to be an in-depth Bible study. It’s a “big picture” reading, to see the Bible as one big story. I’m the type that loves getting into the details and picking apart verses and passages, but that’s not what this is meant to be. Watch for the common thread that runs all the way from Genesis to Revelation…God’s plan of redemption. You’ll be amazed what jumps out at you when you look at it this way!
  • Along those same lines…don’t get bogged down if you don’t understand something or sidetracked if something catches your attention. I made notes in my app on anything I wanted to come back to later to dig into deeper. If you’re using a regular Bible, keep a notebook & pencil handy and jot down anything that particularly catches your attention or that you don’t quite understand so you can revisit it after the challenge.
  • Take a few minutes each week to interact with any others reading along with you. Reading what others were thinking and interacting with them was a key to making it through for me. If you’re reading along with us and haven’t requested to join our Facebook discussion group yet, we’d love to have you join us!
  • Above all else, pray continually that God will use this challenge to show Himself to you in a big way and bring you closer to Himself!

Now get busy reading! 🙂

Are you reading with us? You can find a printable version of the reading schedule here, and if you’d like email updates and encouragement for the challenge, fill out this quick form and join in the fun! It’s not too late to join in! Read more about the challenge here

Originally posted January 3, 2011

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Great to "meet" another one on the journey…and to hear you've already done it once 😀

  2. I am done and checked in! Yeah! Thanks again!

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