IXL: Dynamic, Adaptive Math and Language Arts Practice

IXL: Dynamic, Adaptive Math and Language Arts Practice

I mentioned in the most recent kindergarten update that Kade has been enjoying using IXL for math practice.

We received a family subscription to IXL.com to try out a month or so ago. This program provides comprehensive, standards-aligned math and language arts practice for K–12 in a fun, game like format. They like to call it “practice that feels like play”. The IXL Math portion of the site covers over 3000 math skills from preschool to calculus, while the IXL Language Arts portion covers over 800 skills from 2nd-8th grade, with 9th and 10th grade coming soon. There are also apps available for iPad, Android, and Kindle.

Within each discipline, skills are sorted by grade level. In each grade level, they’re divided by subject. They can be worked through in order, or the student can skip around as desired. For example, the kindergarten math, which is the area we’ve used most heavily, has headings for things like skip counting, time, measurement, money, etc., each with a number of sub-topics to choose from.

IXL Kindergarten menu

I’ve mainly been using the kindergarten math with Kade (5), since he’s not old enough for the language arts. He’s been doing it almost daily. The format is very user friendly and he can even use it independently, thanks to the feature that allows him to have the questions or instructions read out loud to him. He enjoys watching his score go up and earning medals as he does each question, and he loves to get to the “challenge zone”. He calls it the “battle round”, lol!

practice problem


IXL gold medal screen


IXL prize screen

Kendall (8) has been doing the math off and on. She’s tried the language arts a few times, but she’s on the lower end of the age range, and I feel like the skills covered tend to be pretty advanced for the grade levels. The language arts has been excellent grammar review for Kyle (13), with topics from punctuation and parts of speech to analogies, Greek and Latin roots, and more. He hasn’t used the site as consistently as his brother so far, but  I’m hoping to make it a regularly scheduled thing on his weekly schedule.

I’m impressed with the comprehensive list of skills covered for each grade level and subject! Wow! It is really thorough! I also really appreciate the reports section, which gives a detailed breakdown of problems attempted and mastered, time spent, and even tracks trouble spots, to help teachers or parents pinpoint where to focus. It also tracks each student’s progress according to your state’s standards.

IXL reports

I do want to be clear that there is no instruction included in this program. It isn’t a curriculum that will teach these subjects to your child. It’s meant to provide reinforcement and review of what they’ve already been taught, and I think it does that job very well.

A monthly subscription to IXL for one student for one subject (either math or language arts) runs $9.95, while a yearly subscription is $79. Each additional child costs $2 per month or $20 per year. Access to both subjects (math and language arts) costs an additional $6 per month or $50 per year.

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