In Our Classroom: High School Edition (November 2014)

In Our Classroom In Our Classroom: Weekly updates on what days in our kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school homeschool classroom look like.

We’re heading into probably the busiest six weeks of our school year.

Nutcracker rehearsals are going full force, and between them, her academic work, and her other activities, Kaitlyn is staying super busy! Her schoolwork has been pretty routine. I’m not adding in any special projects or bells and whistles until we get through next month’s performance.

In Our Classroom: High School Ediiton - Nutcracker Photo Day!

Nutcracker photo day!

Here’s what our high school classroom has looked like recently:


History/Geography: Notgrass is still working very well for us. She’s moved into units on the New Testament and early church.

Literature: She’s wrapping up her unit and paper on Greek and Roman mythology. I have a couple of options for what she’ll do next and haven’t quite decided, so I”ll share that in the next update!

Bullfinch's Greek and Roman Mythology

Writing: She’s halfway through The Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Student Writing Intensive C. I’m really impressed with this course. I’m planning to have her do at least some of the components in the College-Bound Student Package next.

Math: Other than a slight technical difficulty with one disc, Teaching Textbooks is going as scheduled!

Science:  I’m really hoping she can finish the biology “wrap up” unit by the end of the year or shortly after the new year so she can dive into Integrated Physics and Chemistry.

In Our Classroom: High School Edition - Integrated Physics & Chemistry -

Foreign Language: Kaitlyn and Kyle are both really liking Visual Latin, even though the first few weeks have been mostly review.

Biblical Studies, Life Skills, & Electives

Biblical Studies/Worldview: It’s been slow going with Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson, but we’re enjoying it. It’s so amazing to read about the echoes of truth found in cultures all over the world – what the author calls “redemptive analogies”. There’s a lot here to digest and discuss.

Eternity in their Hearts

We’re still reading Heaven as a family, even though we’ve slowed down in recent weeks.

Life Skills/Driver’s Education: The big news here is that her driving test is finally scheduled! The amount of paperwork and documentation is just nuts. I don’t remember it being so complicated when I was sixteen! Getting her passport was a breeze in comparison. But, it’s done and now she just has to take the test. Woo-hoo!

Electives: Auditions for the drama club’s spring performance are this coming week. That plus regular dance classes, teaching the younger girls, and Nutcracker rehearsals are keeping her hopping six days a week right now!

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Do your kids participate in any special activities for the holidays?


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