In Our Classroom: Kindergarten Edition (October 2014)

In Our Classroom Kindergarten Edition

I know this update is a couple of days late, but better late than never!

It’s been a busy week of Nutcracker photos, emergency vet trips, and more. Just like his sister, Kendall, Kade has had a month of minimal seatwork, with lots of time enjoying the milder weather, practicing his karate, and attending fun events like the symphony’s Spooktacular show.

Anna and Captain America.

Anna and Captain America.

Here’s where he is:

History/Geography: We’re on week 9 of Sonlight Core A. We’ve moved slow this month, but will pick back up for November.

Literature: We’re still reading Here’s a Penny. This is a new one for our family, and we’re really enjoying it!

Here's a Penny

Phonics and Handwriting: We’re still working through Sonlight’s Sounds, Letters, and Easy Words. He loves  Explode the Code and Handwriting Without Tears’ Letters and Numbers for Me, and he’s still playing on Essential Skills Advantage a couple of times a week (read more about this FREE online language arts program here).

Math: Kade has done a few lessons of CTC Math’s Kindergarten program this month, but he’s mostly been practicing math on IXL. It’s been a fun change of pace for him, and he can do it mostly independently while I work with Kendall. Next week I’ll have a full review of the site, so watch for that.

Science: We’ll continue with Considering God’s Creation in November.

Art: We’ll also be getting back to Artistic Pursuits’ Elementary K-3 Book One soon!

Life Skills: Our magnetic and fabric calendars are still a big hit with Kade, and they’re turning out to be a fantastic teaching tool! We check the weather each day (sometimes several times a day! 😉 ) and count down to important events. He’s learning the days of the week, the seasons, and the months naturally as we change everything each day, plus he’s getting great practice counting!

Magnetic Calendar

Tell Me About Today calendar


Extracurriculars, etc: Karate lessons are going great! He’s eager to go every time and loves every minute of it! He’s enjoying Awana too, and I’m impressed with how quickly he’s memorizing his verses!

Next week we’re back around to high school. Click here for last month’s kindergarten update. Did you miss this month’s previous  updates? Click the links below to catch up!

How is your fall going? What kind of weather do you have right now?


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