In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (October 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary 2014

This month’s update is short and sweet!

It’s been a light month academically for my younger two, Kendall (3rd grade) and Kade (kindergarten). We took a week off at the beginning of the month to concentrate on some decluttering and organizing around the house, and another week off while Grandma stayed with the kids while we left town for a few days! In between, we’ve been enjoying the fall weather and keeping up with the basics of reading, writing, and math. In the next week, we’ll get back to the regular routine again with a full schedule of subjects.

Here’s where things stand currently:


History/Geography: We’ll pick back up in Sonlight’s Core B next week, learning about ancient civilizations.

Literature: We’re finally finished with the Little House series, and I’m debating what to read next. We’re also reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and loving it!

In Our Classroom: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle - Home With Purpose

Writing/Spelling: We’ll pick back up with Sonlight’s Level 2 LA. I’ve actually seen a leap in her reading and writing skills in the last 3 weeks as she’s written stories and read just for fun! I noticed the same phenomenon in both of my older kids too. They both suddenly took a leap in skills when we weren’t working on any formal schoolwork – in fact, I ended up having to skip ahead with them to another level!

Math: We’ve been taking a break from CTC Math and trying out IXL. More on what we think of it coming soon!

Science: We’ll continue with Considering God’s Creation soon.

Foreign Language: In the works.

Biblical Studies/Worldview: We’re having some great conversations spurred by our reading of the  kids’ version of Heaven by Randy Alcorn. This weekend at church, Kendall will celebrate her First Communion and we’ll celebrate Reformation Sunday. It will be a day to remember for her!

Heaven for Kids

Life Skills: More to come here in the next few months.

Art: We’ll continue with Artistic Pursuits Elementary K-3 Book One elementary.

Electives/Extracurricular: Dance and AWANA are going great, and Nutcracker rehearsals are kicking into high gear! Last week, we attended our local symphony’s Symphonic Spooktacular that they put on each year, along with the ballet company, for the local children. They got to wear their costumes and watch their big sister perform to In the Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt.

In Our Classroom: Spooktacular - Home With Purpose

Anna and Captain America, ready to go watch big sis dance at Spooktacular!

Watch for a full update next month!

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Next week will be a kindergarten update, so be looking for that! 🙂

How has this month gone for you?


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