In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (September 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary 2014

We’re beginning to settle into the rhythm of the school year.

So far, third grade is going great for Kendall! For the first few years of elementary, the main focus has been on the “three R’s” with less time spent on things like history. Now that we have a good foundation in the basics, we’re spending a bit more time on the rest and she’s loving it!

Here’s what her last few weeks have looked like:


History/Geography: Before diving into Mesopotamian culture with Sonlight’s Core B, we did a mini-unit on creation, the flood, and the Ice Age using these titles:

Kendall was especially fascinated with the archeological research on the possible locations of the ark, and the story of the “ice mummy”. We learned about archaeologists and what they do, and in these last few days, we’ve been learning about Sumerian culture.

Ice Age unit

Literature: Kendall loved listening in on The Boxcar Children (which was really her little brother’s read-aloud 😉 ), and we’re finally wrapping up the Little House series, which we’ve been reading in fits and starts for over a year. When we finish that, we’ll probably start Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte's Web

Writing/Spelling: We’re steadily working through Sonlight’s Level 2 LA, and even in these few short weeks, I see great progress in her reading and writing both! We’ll add All About Spelling in the near future.

Math: We’ve had a few frustrations with “Common Core” methods popping up in a couple of lessons, but for the most part we’re still pleased with our CTC Math subscription. She finished a unit on multiplication this week, and will start division on Monday. I’m still planning to transition her to Teaching Textbooks at some point this year.

Science: In the last update, I was still debating what to do for science. I decided to go ahead and continue with Considering God’s Creation for now. We’re in the middle of learning about the solar system.

Foreign Language: I’m still working on exactly how I want to add this in this year.

Biblical Studies, Life Skills, & Electives

Biblical Studies/Worldview: We’re going through Leading Little Ones to GodMissionary Stories With the Millers, and The Gospel Story Bible together. Kendall recently began asking me a bunch of questions about heaven, since she’s overheard some of our discussion with the older kids on our study of Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven, so I decided to work through the kids’ version of the book with her. We started it this week. After we get a bit further into it, I’ll share more. So far, it’s been good!

Heaven for Kids

Life Skills: More to come here in the next few months.

Art: I went ahead and splurged on Artistic Pursuits Elementary K-3 Book One elementary. It wasn’t a planned expense, but she really wanted to do art and I love the simple format. We just started this week, so you’ll be hearing more about this in future updates!

Hard at work on an art lesson.

Hard at work on an art lesson.

Electives/Extracurricular: Kendall moved from a combined ballet/tap class to a full hour of ballet and a combined tap/jazz class this year, which is really exciting for her! She also moved from Sparks to T&Ts in Awana, which requires a significant step up in memorization. So far she’s enjoying the challenge!

It’s shaping up to be a great year! 

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Next week will be a kindergarten update, so be looking for that! 🙂

How is your school year going so far?

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