Essential Skills Advantage: Comprehensive, FREE Language Arts for K-6!

Essential Skills Advantage: Comprehensive, FREE Language Arts for K-6

Since my teens were just toddlers, I’ve been a fan of supplementing their education with high-quality educational apps and online learning sites.

Nowadays, with multiple kids to teach at multiple levels, I appreciate them even more! They’re a great tool to keep one child occupied while I work one-on-one with another. And the options are nearly endless – we’ve come a long way since the CD-Roms my 16 and 13 year olds played on our old PC! We’re on our third week of the new school year, and my 8 and 5 year old have been using Essential Skills Advantage almost daily, each taking fifteen minute turns on it while I work with the other one.

Essential Skills Advantage is an online reading and language learning program for grades K-6. It covers basic phonics and reading skills, spelling, reading comprehension and vocabulary. According to the website, it “focuses on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words, using skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success.” When I had the opportunity to review their Premium Plan, I knew it would fit right in with our schooldays!

The format is very straightforward and easy to use. From the menu, students simply select the icon for the correct level, then enter their username and password.

Essential Skills Advantage Menu Page

Kendall (8) and Kade (5) have been working their way through the complete reading sections that are appropriate for their grade level. We haven’t yet even explored the vocabulary, reading comprehension, or spelling sections, but the reading sections have been a huge hit!

Each level has a variety of interactive activities, eye-appealing graphics, and fun animation and sound effects. For example, at the kindergarten level, Kade has played matching games, concentration, done sound-identifying activities (matching appropriate sounds to the correct animal), and even simple word searches. Kendall has solved riddles, done simple grammar activities, and more.

Essential Skills Advantage categorization

A categorization activity from the Kindergarten level.

The setup is so simple that they’re both able to use the site independently once signed in, finishing an activity and advancing to the next one without assistance until their allotted time is up. If they don’t hear the instructions or forget what to do, they can easily click the “question mark” in the corner to hear them repeated. Kade loves to see what reward pops up at the end of each activity. ūüôā The wide variety of activities and fun format keep both kids’ interest level high. They’ve even been known to ask to play again after their fifteen minutes for the day has been completed!

As the student advances through the activities in each level, it’s easy to see their progress visually. Each completed activity is marked with stars, from one to three, depending on how well they did. Simple charts to track their performance on a particular activity, or an entire level, are available with a simple click of the “check mark” icon on each page.

Essential Skills Advantage 3rd grade grammar menu

A 3rd grade menu page.

It’s hard to believe that such a comprehensive program is available absolutely FREE!

Essential Skills Advantage now offers a sponsored version of their program that is completely FREE. Members can enjoy access to every course Essential Skills Advantage has to offer, with sponsored advertising and some premium features not available. Click here to sign up.

If you’re interested in eliminating the ads and having the additional features, the Premium Plan (which is what we currently have) is available for just $9.99/month. Essential Skills Advantage is generously offering 50% off to anyone who signs up before October 1st with coupon code TOS50, making the membership fee only $4.99/month per student! The discount will apply as long as you remain a member.¬†You can sign up for the Premium Plan here.¬†

We’re loving Essential Skills Advantage! If you have students in the target age range, I highly recommend checking it out!

Watch for more details on what Kade is doing for kindergarten in tomorrow’s In Our Classroom update!¬†

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What educational apps and online learning sites does your family use?

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