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1 Samuel for You

The beginning of the school year, with its new routine,  is a great opportunity for fresh starts in other areas too.

I enjoy starting something new personally also, whether that be a Bible study, exercise routine, or something else. I’m actually doing both of those as we start this school year:

  • I’ve started walking a mile 4 or 5 mornings a week (which also offers me a chance to listen to podcasts and/or Bible studies uninterrupted for 30 minutes or so)
  • I’m working my way through 1 Samuel For You for personal study

1 Samuel for You by Tim Chester is part of the God’s Word For You series published by The Good Book Company. These books,written by Tim Chester, Tim Keller, and several others, are expository guides that take you verse by verse through a book of the Bible in a very accessible, practical way. They can be used for personal study and devotion, or as preparation for teaching others (to “read, feed, and lead”, as the series description puts it).

In this clip, Tim Keller explains a little bit about the series:


The book of 1 Samuel, of course, covers Israel’s first king, Saul, and the rise of King David. The introduction to the book covers the authorship, genre, and purpose. Through reading about Saul’s disastrous reign and David’s flawed reign, we’re being pointed toward Christ, the only One who reigns perfectly:

“The writer of Samuel is doing more than creating a historical record. He is writing with a purpose. What he records is never less than historical, but as we read it, we are doing much more than reading history. We are being shown who God is and how he rules his people; and we are being shown Jesus, his Christ.”

1 Samuel is broken into blocks of verses that are covered together in a section. Each section is divided into two parts, with questions for reflection at the end of each part. This format makes personal study simple. Readers can read the block of  verses in their Bible and then the corresponding section in the book.

I’m really enjoying 1 Samuel For You! I’ve read 1 Samuel quite a few times and I’m familiar with the content, but this book is bringing out literary, cultural/historical, and theological facets that are new to me. For example, I’d never noticed the chiastic structure of the book, or considered how the circumstances of Samuel’s birth and Hannah’s prayer shed perspective on all the subsequent events in the book. While offering these type of insights, this study is also devotionally rich and full of practical application.

1 Samuel For You, and the entire God’s Word For You series, are impressive! They aren’t scholarly commentaries, but they do have theological depth, and they offer meaty devotional content and thought-provoking insights. Above all, I love the focus on Christ and the story of redemption that’s woven through the pages of every book, both Old and New Testament.

These readable, insightful guides are perfect for laypeople for personal use or group study either one.

Disclosure: Thank you so much to The Good Book Company and Cross-Focused Reviews for providing a review copy of this title to me! I received no other compensation, nor was I required to give a positive review. Affiliate links are included in this review. If purchases are made through these links, I receive a very small commission which helps to offset the cost of maintaning this site, and the price you pay is not affected in any way. If you choose to use these links, thank you for supporting Home With Purpose! 🙂

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