In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (June 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary

Summer is in full swing around here!

Peanut (8) has been spending most of her days playing outside with the neighbor kids and taking turns swimming in our pool and the neighbor’s pool! All my kids have enjoyed playing outside, but she surpasses them all. She will stay out from dawn to dusk if I let her!

Outdoor Kids

My outdoor kids fresh out of the pool!

Through the summer, we’re continuing with reading and math practice.

Here’s what we’re doing: 


History: On a break for the summer! 🙂

Language Arts/Literature: We’re continuing our quick trip through Sonlight Level 2 for review, and she’s participating in HEBuddy’s summer reading program too.

Math: She’s continuing to work through CTC Math, but we’ve slowed down to 2 or 3 lessons a week instead of every day.

Science: On break. 🙂

Bible Study, Life Skills, and Electives

Bible Study: We’re still working through the Exploring Grace Together devotional and loving it! You’ll be hearing more about it soon!

exploring grace together cover

More on Spanish, Art, Music and Life Skills in coming months. :)

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How is your summer going so far?

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