Neglected Garden Bounty!

Neglected Garden Bounty

Our poor little garden has been pretty neglected this year.

We live on an “almost” quarter acre city lot in a quiet suburban neighborhood just inside the city limits. With major job and schedule changes going on, there just hasn’t been time or money to devote to it this spring. But, even with the very minimal time and effort we’ve been able to put into it, our little “homestead” is providing quite a bit for us!

My hubby is the official gardener around here, and in past years, our three small garden beds have overflowed with tomatoes, squash, okra, and more. He just hasn’t been able to do anything with them this year. Even so, we’ve got a couple of cherry tomato plants left over from last year that have popped up on their own and are thriving!

Happy tomato plants!

Happy tomato plants!

My herb gardens are flourishing, even with the lack of attention! I love being able to step out the door and snip whatever fresh herb I need to cook dinner on the spot! I have most of the basics that are staples in my cooking – basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary – plus mint, lemon balm, garlic chives, and more. Have you priced fresh herbs at the grocery store lately? I almost hyper-ventilated when I saw what they wanted for one small bunch of basil!

herb garden 3

Parsley, lemon balm, and chocolate mint

herb garden 2

Garlic chive, oregano, and chili pequin

herb garden

More chili pequin and mint

Our little lemon tree that we planted less than two years ago is going nuts this year! It probably has 100 baby lemons on it, and more blooms and buds than I can count! I will not be lacking in fresh lemon juice around here!

Baby lemons!

Baby lemons!

The little sapling peach we planted at the same time as the lemon tree has it’s first peach!

baby peach

Baby peach!

The dewberry vine on our back fence is thriving. Hopefully we can get to the berries before the birds!

Dewberry vine

Dewberry vine

This one won’t produce this year, but I’m really excited about it – a friend who works at a nursery generously gave us a grafted avocado tree! It’s healthy and happy and putting off new shoots left and right, so we’re hopeful that it may produce as early as next year. I can’t wait to be able to pick fresh avocados right out of my own backyard!

avocado tree

And of course our little bantam hens faithfully give us fresh eggs every day, eat our scraps, and keep the bug population down!

Happy chickens and delicious eggs!

Happy chickens and delicious eggs!

It’s amazing how much can be produced in a small space, and it’s really a blessing to have this garden bounty with little to no effort!

Two encouraging resources I recommend are Apartment Gardening and The Gardening Notebook.

Apartment-Gardening-eBook-Cover-2nd-Edition-Single-Cover TGN-300-sp






Apartment Gardening  offers encouragement to those who think they don’t have enough space for a garden, focusing on container gardening. The Gardening Notebook by my friend Angi is a comprehensive garden planning resource and guide for any and everyone!

Do you have a garden? Is it a large or small one? What do you grow?

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  1. How wonderful! We had several volunteer tomato plants, too, along with some volunteer basil. Your lemon tree looks great. I’m not sure why but ours dropped all it’s fruit. We have NO lemons on that tree that produced over 300 pounds of lemons last year. I’m guessing it needed a rest? You guys need to plant some kale and chard – I cannot believe how well it grows here.
    Angi @SchneiderPeeps recently posted…Memorial DayMy Profile

    • We’ve had volunteer basil pop up in several spots in the yard besides my herb garden, Angi. 🙂 Your lemon tree deserves a rest after last year! Maybe this year, I’ll have enough to share from ours! 🙂 And yes, kale and chard are at the top of the list of things I want to get planted! I hope we have as much success with it as you’ve had.

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