The Kraken Case for iPad from Trident (Review Crew)

The Kraken Case for iPad from Trident

My iPad is one of the most used devices in this house.

Even though it’s “officially” mine, it’s frequently in use to occupy a younger sibling while the olders are working, and even for some schoolwork too. My youngest two love to watch Netflix on it, because it’s easier for them to navigate than on the television with the remote. Karate Kid has a couple of games he likes to play on it that aren’t compatible with his iPod. And I use it for everything I can too, saving the laptop for things that I just absolutely can’t do on it.

All that to say that it gets put through its paces every day! A sturdy case is a must. I’ve had a padded leather “tripod” type case on it for the last couple of years that allowed it to be propped up for watching movies, typing with my bluetooth keyboard, and so on, but it was beginning to show its age, and I’d been contemplating what to replace it with.

When Trident Case offered the chance to try out the Kraken A.M.S. Case for iPad 2/3/4 I figured it was worth a shot! The Kraken is described as the strongest, most durable case that Trident makes. It consists of a shock-absorbing silicone inner layer, covered by a hardened polycarbonate outer-casing, with a built-in screen protector. All device power-ports, audio-jacks and speakers are covered with silicone plugs and dust filters to keep out dirt and debris. It also features patent pending audio technology that redirects sound to the front of the tablet to provide an enhanced audio experience, and an attachment port that supports a variety of optional attachments.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the plastic used to construct it is a hardened bio-enhanced plastic that is recyclable, degradable and compostable, making it truly eco-friendly. Not to mention, it’s made in the USA! And last but not least, it meets Military Standard MIL-STD-810F for Drop, Vibration, Dust, Sand and Rain.

Talk about a tough case!

This clip makes me cringe, but check it out:

Hopefully mine will never be put to the test in a similar way, but it’s still nice to know the design really works! 🙂

There were multiple colors to choose from. I went with the pretty electric blue. I loved the purple, but took pity on my boys and didn’t get a “girly” color, since they use it too. 😉

kraken ipad case

The three piece construction made the case fairly simple to get on the iPad, and I was pleasantly surprised at what a slim profile it has! I really expected it to be bulkier, based on similar cases I’ve seen for iPhones. I went ahead and sprang for the stand attachment too, since we were used to being able to stand it up with our previous case.

kraken case 1


We’ve been using the case for several weeks now, and I’m really happy with it! As I mentioned, it really is slim and not bulky, and I like that all the ports and buttons are covered and protected. Everything is still easily operated, even with the silicone covering it. The audio-enhancing technology really does work! The volume is noticeably louder, which really comes in handy for watching video, something our iPad is used for frequently, whether it’s school-related, Netflix, or just social media.

The touchscreen works great through the screen protector, and this is so much easier than trying to apply one of the film-type screen protectors I’ve used in the past! My one minor complaint is that the screen gets smeared and full of fingerprints very easily. I have to clean it at least daily, whereas before I rarely had to clean the screen. Really though, that’s a small price to pay for the protection the Kraken offers the device! 

This is a great case to protect an iPad in any situation, whether you’re looking to “kid-proof” it, travel with it, or just protect it in general. It’s sturdy enough to withstand a toddler

Peanut iPad



The Kraken Case for iPad 2/3/4 retails for $69.95, and Trident offers cases for a variety of other tablets, smart phones, and mobile devices. Their cases are appropriate for all ages and stages, from toddler to adult! Click the graphic below to read reviews of their cases for a variety of devices besides the iPad.

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Also check them out on social media:

If you’re in the market for a new case for your phone, tablet, or device, I highly recommend checking Trident out. I’m impressed with the quality, construction, and features of their cases, and I really appreciate that some of them are made of sustainable materials in the US! 

What tablet or other mobile device do you frequently use? How do you protect it?

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