In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (May 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary

The traditional school year is winding down.

That means a shift in our schedule, even though we do some school year-round. There’s no more dance, AWANA, and other outside activities, and we stick to a more relaxed pace through the hot summer months.

Pretty Peanut at her recital!

Pretty Peanut at her recital!

Here’s what’s been going on for the last few weeks in our elementary classroom: 


History: We’re still enjoying the Heroes and Heroines of the Past American history program, though we’ve been doing it pretty informally for the last couple of weeks. The story format and activity suggestions are great! I just finished my complete review of this curriculum, which you can read here.

Language Arts/Literature: I explained last month how I’d decided to go back to Sonlight’s Language Arts with Peanut, to get her reading more real books and focusing less on the mechanics. Our quick trip through Level 2 is going great! We’ve been doing two weeks’ worth every week, and she’s thriving with the simple, Charlotte Mason approach! I’m working on a list of literature I want her to read over the summer too.

Math: I am loving that she can do her math on the iPad instead of the computer! We’ll continue using CTC Math into the fall, then proceed to Teaching Textbooks 3. I recently did a full review of CTC Math you can read here, if you’re interested.

Peanut iPad

Science: Peanut is still doing units on Science4Us off and on, but we’ve been focusing mainly on math and reading as we wrap up all the other activities.

Bible Study, Life Skills, and Electives

Bible Study: We’re still working through the Exploring Grace Together devotional and loving it! You’ll be hearing more about it soon!

exploring grace together cover

More on Spanish, Art, Music and Life Skills in coming months. :)

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What are your plans for the summer months? Do you school year-round or take a break?

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