In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (April 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary

It’s time for an update on our elementary classroom!

I’ve been in the throes of planning for the next school year, and that’s affected the direction of some of Peanut’s (8) schoolwork as she wraps up second grade. I’m continuing to really focus on her math and reading skills so she’ll be prepared for a step up in academics in the fall.

Here’s what’s been going on in our classroom since last month:


History: We’ve been trying out the Heroes and Heroines of the Past American history program for the last several weeks. We’re really enjoying the story format and the map and art activities! Monkey Boy (5) has been listening in on parts of it. We’ve learned about the Native Americans, the Vikings’ ill fated expedition to North America, and the earliest colonies.  They’ve made blanket teepees,  made play dough Viking ships and watched Lyle the Kindly Viking! 🙂

A playdough Viking ship!

A playdough Viking ship!

Language Arts/Literature: I made the decision in the last few weeks not to go back to Primary Arts of Language with Peanut. I think we’ve about exhausted it’s usefulness for her, and I really want to get her reading more real books and focusing on the mechanics less. So, with that in mind, I’ve pretty much decided to go back to Sonlight’s Language Arts next year, especially since I will most likely be using it for history too. For the last six weeks of this year, we’re making a flying trip through Level 2, just to get her familiar with the format so she’s ready to jump into Level 3, and I’m making a list of literature I want her to read over the summer.  I’d forgotten how much I appreciate their simple, Charlotte Mason approach to language arts! My oldest two thrived on it, and Peanut has been enjoying it too! 🙂

Math: She’s really enjoying  CTC Math! I’ll be doing a full review very soon! We’ll continue it through the summer and then she’ll start Teaching Textbooks 3 in the fall. 

Doesn't everyone do math dressed as their favorite superhero (in this case Cat Woman)?

Doesn’t everyone do math dressed as their favorite superhero (in this case Cat Woman)?

Science: Science4Us is still going great! Lately she’s chosen to do the units on the history of the earth, so we’ve done a bit of reading and discussion about the biblical view of creation versus the secular evolutionary explanation. We also had a super fun trip to the nearby branch of the Houston Museum of Natural Science to celebrate her and Monkey Boy’s birthdays!

My little angel at the museum!

My little angel at the museum!

A fun birthday trip to the museum of natural science!

A fun birthday trip to the museum of natural science!


Bible Study, Life Skills, and Electives

Bible Study: We’re just beginning the new Exploring Grace Together devotional and loving it! This simple little devotional is by Jessica Thompson, who cowrote possibly my very favorite parenting book of all time, Give Them Grace, with her mother, Elyse Fitzpatrick. I’ll share more about this book as we work our way through it.

exploring grace together cover

Holidays and Seasons: As Easter approaches, we make a point to read books and do activities that help us reflect on the season and point our kids to the cross. You can read more about what we do by clicking below, and hopefully I’ll have pictures and more to report about it in next month’s update.

Lent, East, and Passover

More on Spanish, Art, Music and Life Skills in coming months. :)

That’s a quick snapshot of our current elementary school classroom! Here’s the latest on high school and junior high, and watch for a preschool update next week!

What’s going on in your classroom?

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