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CTC Math Review

As the school year winds down, I try very hard to stay consistent with basic skills like math and reading.

There are some subjects I might let slide now and then, but we do our best to work at the three R’s daily. Peanut (8) wrapped up her math program for the year early, and Karate Kid (13) is almost done with his, so I needed something to keep their skills sharp for the rest of the spring and into the summer.

The opportunity to review CTC Math’s 12 Month Family Plan couldn’t have come at a better time!

CTC Math is a comprehensive online math tutorial program for grades K through 12. It features over 1300 animated and narrated math lessons, interactive exercises, diagnostic tests, instant feedback to students, detailed reporting for parents, and more. The 12 Month Family Plan offers unlimited access to all lessons at all grade levels for up to ten students for one price.

I set up a student account for Peanut right away, since she has no other math to complete right now, and she’s been doing a lesson daily for the last several weeks. I also set one up for Monkey Boy (5), and he’s worked through several lessons, although I’m not pushing it at this point (I’m still pretty relaxed about academics at his age), and Karate Kid’s account is ready and waiting for when he finishes his current math program in the next week or so. I even created a student account for myself, just so I could play around and get a feel for how it works.

I’ll focus here on Peanut to describe our experience since she’s the one who’s used it consistently so far. Each day, she logs on, watches a short (average 5 minutes, often less) video lesson, and then works through a set of interactive questions based on the lesson. I currently have her working through the second grade lessons in order, although each topic stands alone so it’s entirely possible to jump around to the topics that need the most work.

CTC math

As she submits her answer for each question, she receives immediate feedback on whether she answered correctly or incorrectly, and at the end of the lesson, it summarizes how she did, showing her total score and each individual problem. In the second grade course, there are ten lessons for each topic. Once she completes those, I have her take the comprehensive test to see how well she retained the information, then we move to the next topic. She receives a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum certificate that can be printed after completing a topic, based on her score.

CTC Math main screen

The student’s main screen.

CTC math topic screen

Lessons within a topic, showing the student their progress at a glance.

CTC math problem

An interactive exercise.

I receive detailed weekly reports by email, or I can log in to the parent section any time to see how my students are doing, print their certificates, and more.

This program is working really well for us!

Australian math teacher Pat Murray is fantastic at breaking down concepts in the short video lessons, and the interactive exercises do a good job of letting the students apply what they’ve learned. It’s very straightforward with no bells, whistles, or gimmicks. I love the reports and the clear layout of the student account. I can see at a glance exactly how she’s doing, and then get as much detail as I’d like, and she’s aware of how she’s doing also.

One feature that’s a GIANT plus for us is that it’s compatible with my iPad!

Most online educational subscriptions that we’ve used require Flashplayer, so can’t be done on the tablet, but CTC Math has converted their content to run on HTML5 platforms, including iOS and Android devices. This gives it a huge advantage over other similar programs in my mind.

My older kids have their own laptops and can work on things like this in the quiet of their own room when they need to concentrate, but my younger kids must either use the main desktop computer in our school area or my laptop at the desk in my room or the dining table. There are always people coming and going and activity in the main living areas, and my hubby’s new job sometimes requires him to sleep during our school time, which eliminates our room. With the option to do their lessons on the iPad, they can work anywhere I choose and avoid the distractions in the rest of the house.

CTC math iPad

Lessons on the iPad.

CTC Math’s interactive tutorials are perfect for keeping math skills sharp or as a supplement to another program! 

I definitely plan to have Peanut continue working through these lessons regularly, and my other students will do the same as they wrap up their respective current programs. The courses are comprehensive and thorough. The only reason I might not consider them sufficient for a stand alone math is the lack of cumulative review. Each section/test stands alone and covers only the current topic. But, it wouldn’t be difficult to create cumulative reviews if the program otherwise fits what you’re looking for in a homeschool math program.

The price for the 12 Month Family Plan is quite reasonable – they’re currently offering a 60% discount for homeschoolers, making it only $15.97 monthly, $78.80 for six months, or $118.80 for twelve months. Single student prices are also available, and they offer a free trial as well.

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