In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (March 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary

It’s been a kind of odd month in our elementary classroom.

Peanut’s (7) been staying busy with her second grade work. Several events have made our schedule a bit wonky, and we’ve really been focusing on math and reading skills, so we’ve let some other things slide a bit. I also let my little two take last week mostly off for spring break, even though their older siblings still did schoolwork. In fact, any time the weather’s been nice, I’ve let them spend more time outside playing and less inside doing schoolwork! One of the beauties of homeschooling is the flexibility. 🙂

Here’s what’s been going on in our classroom since last month:


Language Arts/Spelling/Phonics: Peanut is still wrapping up the last few lessons of the Explode the Code series. We’ve mainly been focusing on that and just plain reading practice these last few weeks. Soon, we’ll get back to Primary Arts of Language regularly, especially the writing and All About Spelling portions.

Literature: We’re still reading the Little House on the Prairie series together, but we’ve gotten behind these last few weeks! Too many evenings occupied with other things. We’ll be starting Little Town on the Prairie soon.

Math: Since she wrapped up A+ Interactive, I’d planned to just fill in using a couple of math workbooks I have on hand until fall, but then I had the opportunity to try out CTC Math! We just began this week, but so far so good. The format is very similar to what she’s been used, to and she’s liking it. We’re only a couple of lessons in, so we’ll see what she thinks in a few more weeks.

Science: Peanut’s continuing to enjoy Science4Us. She loves that she can do it independently, and I love that it enforces her math and reading skills while teaching her basic science concepts! You can read more about what she’s been learning using it in last month’s update and in my full review of the program.

She and her siblings also had a blast these past few weeks working through some of the experiments on the Amazing Science, Volume 1 DVD. I had Karate Kid (13) take the lead here and help his younger siblings do them and they loved it!

Peanut Science

You can read my full review of the Amazing Science DVD here.

I’ve mostly put off History this month, but I’ll have more to report soon!

Bible Study, Life Skills, and Electives

Spanish:  Peanut is continuing to use Mango Languages Spanish sporadically. I’m not requiring her to do it every day, but she usually does two or three lessons a week. You can read my thoughts on this unique language program here.

Bible Study: We’re still reading the The Gospel Story Bible together, but I didn’t get Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss added to the schedule yet. Soon!

life lessons princess

Holidays and Seasons: We didn’t get as elaborate as we have some years, but we briefly covered both Saint Patrick’s Day and the Jewish festival of Purim this past week, reading books and watching movies to learn about the background of each day and doing a simple coloring page. Click the graphics below for more about what resources we use and what we’ve done in past years for these days.

Saint Patrick


More on Art, Music and Life Skills in coming months. 🙂

That’s a quick snapshot of our current elementary school classroom! Here’s the latest on high school and junior high.

Watch for a preschool update next week!

What’s going on in your classroom?

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  1. Oh, I had forgotten about the Amazing Science DVDs! I need to go hunt mine up! There are some fun, quick things on those!

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