In Our Classroom: Preschool Edition (February 2014)

In Our Classroom Preschool

It’s time for February’s preschool update!

It’s been a productive month for our preschool! Monkey Boy (4) has been a very busy boy! I explained last month how I’ve become a bit more laid back about preschool with each child, so I offer his schoolwork to him every day, but don’t push it if he’s not interested. He’s done some nearly every school day this month, sometimes wanting to do pages and pages at at a time!

So, here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve done this month in our classroom:

All About Reading PrereadingWe’re working through this a letter at a time, focusing on one to two letters a week. We’re on F. He thinks the card games, which have him match the pictures that rhyme, are really fun! I also pulled out my old copy of the Cuisenaire Alphabet Book, and he absolutely loves it! Some days I can hardly tear him away!

Matching the cards that rhyme.

Matching the cards that rhyme.

Cuisenaire Rods

Learning math and phonics at the same time!

Cuisenaire Alphabet Book

A completed page.

Handwriting Without Tears:  He’s working his way through Letters and Numbers for Me multiple pages at a time. He is in a “race” with his sister, even though she’s in the second grade book. If he’s on a further page in his book than she is in hers, he’s “winning”. 😉 After he completes a page, we go over it together and he circles which one of his letters he thinks came out best, then I pick which one I think is best. He also still really enjoys playing the app a couple of times a week.

Talking Shapes iPad appWe’re having fun with this app! I’ll be sharing more about it soon, so keep an eye out!

Talking Shapes app

Talking Shapes app

TouchMathWe try to do a couple of math worksheets a day. The first couple of units bored him – they were too easy – but now that we’re moving away from simple counting, he’s more interested! This last week we’ve been doing things like long/short, small/large, heavy/light, over/under. More on this next time.

Science4UsMonkey Boy enjoys watching his sister work through the Science4Us units, and he selects certain activities to do himself every few days. You can read more about how we’ve been using this program and what we think here.

Literature: We’re still working through  Sonlight preschool titles. 🙂

That’s a summary of our preschool month. Next week I’ll update on what the Dancer’s (15) been doing.

If you missed what all my older kids have been up to in February, you can catch up here:

What’s been happening in your classroom? :)

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