In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (February 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary

 It’s been a fairly quiet month for my elementary girl.

Peanut’s (7) been staying busy with her second grade work. In fact, she’s gotten in the habit of getting up and doing what she can independently before we even eat breakfast, so that she can finish her school and chores earlier and have most of the rest of the day to play. She’s always been my earliest riser, and I love seeing her take such initiative!

Here’s what’s been going on in our classroom since last month:


Language Arts/Spelling/Phonics: Besides continuing with Primary Arts of Language, Peanut’s also been wrapping up the last of the Explode the Code series. She’d worked through most of them, but we’d neglected them this year. I’ve used this series with all of my kids, beginning with the “Get Ready, Get Set, Go for the Code” level, and they’re fantastic! If I had to choose only one thing to use for phonics, these little, inexpensive workbooks would be it! She’s also continuing to work her way through her Printing Power handwriting book.

Explode the Code

Literature: We’re still reading the Little House on the Prairie series together. We’re not quite done with Farmer Boy. We’ve missed some evening reading times recently to watch the Olympics! We’ll be wrapping it up and moving to the next book in the series soon.

Math: Peanut is wrapping up her very last few lessons in A+ Interactive. We’ve really liked this program, so much so that I agreed to help them promote their new family plans! Once she’s finished with it, she’ll spend the rest of this school year using a couple of math workbooks I have on hand, then be ready for Teaching Textbooks 3 in the fall.

Science: Peanut’s been doing Science4Us every day for the last month. She’s really enjoying most of the activities and I’m loving that she can do it independently! She’s learned all about matter, how to distinguish different types of materials, and mixtures.

Most recently, she’s been investigating different types of science tools. She’s learned to read a thermometer, use a ruler, and more. This unit even inspired her to collect everything she could find around the house that would qualify as a “science tool” and set up her own “lab”. She then proceeded to conduct her own experiments, including mimicking an experiment her big brother did awhile back with his Supercharged Science program: seeing how many drops of water she could fit on various coins. I love that the lessons prompted her to do that! Watch for my full review of this program next week.

science labcoin experiment

I’ll have more to report on History next month. I have a few things in the works for that!

Bible Study, Life Skills, and Electives

Spanish: To my surprise, Peanut is really enjoying the Mango Languages Spanish course! I really didn’t think she’d be as interested in it as she is. I’m not requiring it, but I’m happy to let her do several lessons a week! She and her big brother have fun challenging each other to try to interpret phrases they’ve learned in the lessons.

Bible Study: We’re continuing through The Gospel Story Bible together, and I’m planning to add Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss in the next week or two (when it comes in!). We’ve had the picture book since the Dancer (15) was small, and both my girls have loved it! This study guide picks up where that left off, and it looks really good!

life lessons princess

Holidays and Seasons: We celebrated both Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day this month. I didn’t plan as elaborately as I do some years, but we did learn about who Saint Valentine is and what he did, and recount a fun story about George Washington that teaches a little bit about his character and integrity.

Valentine's Day What's It REALLY All About?A Fun Story for President's Day








Life Skills: I’m still not finished revamping our household duties schedule. I’m hoping to have more to report here next month.

I’m still working on adding more Art and Music back to the schedule.

That’s a quick snapshot of our current elementary school classroom! Here’s the latest on high school and junior high.

Next week, I’ll update on what I have planned for my preschooler and what he’s been doing!

What’s going on in your classroom?

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