In Our Classroom: Elementary Edition (January 2014)

In Our Classroom Elementary

I feel like we’re finally getting back into a good groove with school!

This was our third week back, and everyone is finally settling back into the routine of doing schoolwork. Things are chugging along nicely, and I feel like we’ve all been pretty productive! 🙂 I’m continuing with sharing what one of my kids is doing each week. I started with my high schooler, then continued last week with my junior higher, so this week I’ll share what my 2nd grader has been up to, and what I have planned for her for the rest of the school year!

Here’s what’s been going on in our classroom: 


History: We’ve been a little bit light on history this year so far, but we’ll be focusing on it a more this spring. I’ve been pulling books from WinterPromise’s American Story 1, which we own, that roughly coordinate with the history her older siblings are doing, but not doing the full program. We’re going to continue with that, but hopefully a bit more consistently than in the fall. I also have several Texas history books at her level that we’ll use when I fit in our Texas Adventure unit with Karate Kid.

Language Arts/Spelling/Phonics: We jumped back into Primary Arts of Language this week.  We should be able to wrap this up by summer. I let Peanut just play with some of the file folder and card games this week, showing her little brother how to do some of them. Next week we’ll ease back into more of the writing/composition and reading. PAL also integrates All About Spelling, which she really enjoys!

Besides PAL, she’s also been spending about 15 minutes a day finishing the last few lessons of the McGuffey iPad app. She enjoys it and it’s good reinforcement for her!

Literature: We’re still working our way through the Little House on the Prairie series together. Our reading time is one of the very favorite times of day for both of us! We’re currently in the middle of Farmer Boy.

Math: Peanut is using A+ Tutorsoft, and we really like it! She loves being able to work independently and get immediate feedback. Our subscription ends in just a couple of weeks, and she has several units left, so I’m trying to decide what to do. I may extend the subscription for another month so she can finish, and then use one of a couple of 2nd grade level math workbooks I have on the shelf for review just to finish out the year before she dives into Teaching Textbooks 3.

Science: We’ve been loving Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Chemistry & Physics, but we’ve shelved it for the spring. We started Science4Us last week and Peanut really likes it so far. I’m going to let her work through it for the rest of the year and pick back up with Apologia in the fall. She’s learned all about matter this week through a variety of activities on the website, and I love that it integrates some math and reading into the lessons too! I’ll be sharing more about it in a few weeks.


Working on science while little brother watches.

Bible Study, Life Skills, and Electives

Spanish: I’m not going to be rigid about scheduling it, but I did set Peanut up with an account for the Mango Languages Spanish course that her older siblings are doing and let her try the first lesson this week. She seemed to like it and has had fun greeting everyone in Spanish for the last couple of days! I’ll definitely let her continue working through the lessons as her interest level and time dictates.

Bible Study: We’re loving reading The Gospel Story Bible together! Peanut is also wrapping up her final book in Sparks at AWANA, where she won “Most Creative” at Crazy Hat Night last week. 🙂

crazy hat

Winner of the most creative hat!

Life Skills: I’ve mentioned that I’m revamping our household duties schedule. It’s been virtually the same for the last three years. Not only has our schedule changed,  but Peanut is no longer a preschooler,  and is fully capable of more responsibility, so that will definitely be reflected in her new tasks! She’s at the stage that she’s eager to help me cook and with other chores, so I want to take advantage of that enthusiasm!

In the next few weeks, we’ll begin Real Food for the Next Generation lessons again, using the units I put together last spring too.

Art & Music: I’m still working on this! I have several options on the shelf, I just need to make a decision and get it scheduled!

That’s a quick snapshot of our current elementary school classroom! Next week, I’ll update on what I have planned for my preschooler and what he’s been doing!

What’s going on in your classroom?

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