Fundanoodle: Fun Preschool Readiness Activities (Review Crew)

Fundanoodle: Fun Preschool Readiness Activities (A Review from Home With Purpose)

I’m a pretty relaxed preschool homeschool parent.

With each child, I’ve gotten a bit more laid back and less structured in the early years. I like to have some activity/readiness books on hand for Monkey Boy (4) to do while his older siblings work, with the occasional fun craft thrown in, but we do it as the mood strikes. If he’d rather play with playdough or his Legos, that’s fine with me! Of course, I always keep plenty of quality literature on hand and try to read some daily too.

A few weeks ago, we received two activity books from a company called Fundanoodle to try out:

  • Max and Alphie’s Adventures! Activity Book 2 is intended for ages 4-5 and has 40 pages of activities meant to improve strength, control, and endurance with writing tools, promote pre-writing skills, build confidence, and encourage self-expression and creativity. There are simple mazes, matching games, dot-to dots, tracing, and more.
  • I Can Do Math! Level 2, also intended for ages 4-5, has 41 pages that reinforce basic math skills and number formation through counting and matching, hidden pictures, coloring and drawing, and more.

These activity books are different from the typical workbooks we’ve had in the past. The oversized (9×12), colorful books have sturdy, thick cardboard covers and spiral binding at the top (like a tablet). The pages are perforated so that they can be removed from the book if desired, or left intact. There are two pages of reward stickers at the end of each book, and as each page is completed, the matching sticker can be found and added to the page.

sticker page

Our Experience

Monkey Boy absolutely loves these fun books! We’ve been alternating between them, and he asks for them often. Sometimes he only does a page, sometimes he does four or five.  He prefers Activity Book 2 over the I Can Do Math (I think because the math book requires more actual writing), and tends to do more pages at a sitting in it, so he’s already about three quarters of the way through it!

He so enjoys searching out the correct sticker from the back to apply to each page as he finishes them! He gets nearly as much out of this as he does out of doing the actual pages! 🙂


We’ll definitely continue to use these two books until he completes them and will seek out more Fundanoodle titles to use in the future! They’re perfect for our needs – I keep them in his “school basket” with his crayons so that when he’s ready to do a few pages, they’re easy to grab.

I’m impressed with the sturdy construction, the colorful covers and stickers, and the clear, simple presentation of essential concepts for school readiness, and I love that he enjoys them and asks to do them!

Fundanoodle activity books are a definite hit for us!

Max and Alphie’s Adventures! Activity Book 2 and I Can Do Math! Level 2 are both quite reasonably priced at $5.99 apiece.

Visit the crew blog to read what others thought of these two books and other activity books and kits from Fundanoodle for preschool through first grade.

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  1. Thank you for this great review! We’re so glad you both loved the kits so much! Just so you know, we’re located in Toys R’ Us stores and we have a big sale coming up next week that we’ll announce on our Facebook, twitter and blog pages, so be sure to keep an eye out for those! Thanks again for taking the time to try the kits and review them!
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