Going Deeper With Narnia and C.S. Lewis

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I had SO hoped to really participate in Carrie’s Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge at Reading to Know, but July just didn’t go as I had planned (big surprise, right?). July is always a busy month of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. anyway, but I also ended up having a medical emergency right in the middle of the month that totally threw things off, and I’m just now beginning to get back on track.

Still, even though I’m late and I didn’t get to participate like I’d hoped, I want to share the little bit I did manage and tell you about some of my favorite, lesser known resources for all things Narnia and C.S. Lewis.

I’ve loved The Chronicles of Narnia since I first read them in first grade! And now, as an adult, I’ve been so blessed by reading C.S. Lewis’ other work too. The way his mind worked was just incredible! Here’s a few items that have had a big impact on me:

  • What I Learned in NarniaIn July I did manage to work my way through this little book by Doug Wilson. In it, he points out seven areas where there are lessons to be learned from Narnia: authority, confession of sin, nobility, spiritual disciplines, love of story, thorough grace, and love for Aslan, love for God. It was really an enjoyable read, and one I plan to have my two older kids read in the near future. It’s not preachy at all, and his love for the stories is very plain! As he says in the introduction:

“If the Narnia stories are simply read, and enjoyed, and repeatedly read, and repeatedly enjoyed, then the things I am talking about in this book will be part of the reader’s ‘bone knowledge’. I have no desire to present this book as though I want the reader to squeeze any moral out of these stories before they have ever had the pleasure of settling down on a rainy afternoon to enjoy one of them. A rush to moralize has wrecked many a good story, and I don’t want to do that here. But at the same time, good stories are the sorts of stories you do learn from-as C.S. Lewis knew full well. And if we learn from his wonderful stories, we should be able to discuss it.”

“There is but one good; that is God. Everything else is good when it looks to Him and bad when it turns from Him.” 

  • C.S. Lewis: The Man Behind Narnia: I read this young adult biography of C.S. Lewis while preparing to teach a junior high literature class on The Chronicles of Narnia for a homeschool coop several years ago. It was an informative, interesting read!
  •  Surprised by Joy: It’s been a couple of years since I read this, but it’s profound.
  • The Narnia Code: This book by Michael Ward is an adaptation of the more scholarly Planet Narnia, and it’s simply amazing! Dr. Ward believes he’s discovered the unifying theme that underlies all seven books. I was skeptical, but his work is very convincing! You can read my review here and watch a short clip about it below.

Then of course there’s Mere Christianity, the Space Trilogy, the unit study Further Up and Further In, we could go on and on…

Finally, I want to share this YouTube video with you containing quotes from Weight of Glory (which I also highly recommend reading! Profound. There’s no other word for it) and II Corinthians. I never get tired of this little video! It’s fantastic!

Are you a Narnia fan? What else have you read by C.S. Lewis? What other Narnia or C.S. Lewis related books, movies, etc. have you enjoyed? 
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