Texas Adventure Week Six: Colonization-Stephen F. Austin & Don Martin de Leon

Our Texas Adventure has been pretty low-key this week. We briefly discussed Mexico’s war for independence from Spain and spent the rest of the week learning about the empresarios who began settling Texas. We focused on two in particular: Stephen F. Austin and Martin de Leon. 

Stephen F. Austin is probably the most well-known empresario, both because of the size of his colony and his later role in the Texas Revolution. His colony, known as the Old Three Hundred, was the largest and most successful colony in the region. He worked tirelessly for the rights of the Texas colonists, even spending time in a Mexican prison for his efforts. I’m hoping to visit the historical site at San Felipe in the near future.

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We also chose to focus on Martin de Leon because his colony included the area where we live. He founded and lived in our city and is buried here. His colony was the only predominantly Mexican colony in Texas and his cattle brand was the first registered brand in the state. We really enjoyed reading about him in Martin De Leon: Tejano Empresario, a brief biography I found. It’s been fun to read about the history behind familiar landmarks and locations that we see on a daily basis.

Some of the resources we’ve used this week:
US map
Texas map

Next week we’ll take a break to prepare for Easter, but we’re also planning to visit a few more missions. Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to share with you two weeks from now! We’ll spend a little more time on the colonization of Texas and then move into the Texas Revolution.

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  1. You are learning so much! I love Texas history!Have a blessed Easter!

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