Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter by Arnold Ytreeide (Family Bookshelf)


If you followed any of my posts about Advent, I’m sure you recall my mention of a trilogy of Advent storybooks we read each year as a family. The characters in Jotham’s Journey, Tabitha’s Travels, and Bartholomew’s Passage have become well-loved friends over the years as we’ve cycled through these books.

So I was thrilled recently when a friend let me know that author Arnold Ytreeide had just published a similar book for the Easter season featuring the children of Jotham, Tabitha, and Bartholomew! I promptly ordered a copy. The whole family was excited to get started!

Amon’s Adventure takes place in Jerusalem in the weeks leading up to Passover and Christ’s crucifixion. Amon, the thirteen-year-old son of Jotham and Tabitha, is eager to be recognized as a man in the community. But when his father is wrongly accused of a terrible crime, he finds the role thrust upon him in a way he never imagined! The excitement and suspense build as Amon searches for a way to save Jotham’s life. Along the way, you’ll meet such characters as Gamaliel, Saul of Tarsus, Caiaphas the high priest, Judas Iscariot, and of course, Jesus of Nazareth.

Just as in the Advent books, the story is broken into fairly short chapters, each ending with a short devotion. The most common method is to read a chapter a day beginning on the fifth Saturday before Easter and finishing on Easter Sunday, but several alternate reading plans are also suggested. We got our book a little bit on the late side, so we’ve been reading two chapters a day, first to catch up, and now to stay ahead, since I know there are a few days in the next couple of weeks when we’ll miss reading. I’ll admit that I’ve skimmed ahead to see how the plot unfolds, just don’t tell my kids! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even after two chapters, everyone always begs for more. The story is fast-paced, fascinating, and at times humorous. Each chapter is a cliffhanger, leaving you eager to know what happens next. The devotions are short and to the point. They’ve led to some good discussion for us.

In my experience, there are a number of Advent resources and activities to choose from, but I’ve seen little for Lent. I own a couple of things, but nothing that we’ve absolutely loved. We really enjoy our Resurrection Eggs and Benjamin’s Box, the accompanying book, but they’re not meant to be a devotional that covers the entire season. I’m thrilled to have something comparable to our Advent family storybooks for Lent!

Yes, I realize this suggestion is a bit belated for most of you to use Amon’s Adventure this year (although you could download the Kindle edition and begin immediately!), but it’s never too late to begin planning for next year! I have no doubt that Amon’s Adventure will join it’s predecessors as a well-loved yearly tradition for our family.


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  1. I've never heard of a Lent book for kids! How wonderful!! I'll have to look for it to use next year ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kim Petersen says:

    Hi Kara,
    My family read Jotham’s Journey for the first time this Christmas. I help lead a middle school girls Bible study and was considering doing this with them and their families this Lenten season. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you! Kim

    • Hi Kim!

      I think this would be an excellent read for your Bible study girls! My only concern would be fitting it all inโ€ฆhow often do you meet? There are 28 readings total, so you’d have to figure out how many chapters to read each time you meet to get through. The suggested schedules are to start on Ash Wednesday, the fifth Saturday before Easter, or Palm Sunday and read every day or two.

      • Kim Petersen says:

        Hi Kara, Since I wrote to you I sat to consider the schedule too. These are my thoughts. Do you have other recommendations? Perhaps activities we could do with the girls at each discussion? We usually try to tie in a craft of activity to our discussion – hoping we can do this alongside families too – so perhaps family activities – -such as visiting a local temple and attending passover meal.

        Mon 2/17: Introduction/ What is Lent? / Jewish Customs / What is Passover? Maps and video clips from That The World May Know. Perhaps Guest spkr
        Mon 2/24: Amon’s Adv Setting – Jerusalem at that time; the Temple; Story Characters and their real life counterparts: Gamaliel, Saul, Caiaphas, Judas Iscariot. Perhaps guest spkr? Start Reading after this lesson.
        Mon 3/3: Discuss Chapters 1-4 (pgs 1-34)
        Mon 3/10: Discuss Chapters 5-8 (pgs 35-58)
        Mon 3/17: Discuss Chapters 9-12 (pgs 59-80)
        Mon 3/24: Discuss Chapters 13-16 (pgs 81-99)
        Mon 3/31: Discuss Chapters 17-21 (pgs 100-124)
        Mon 4/7: Discuss Chapters 22-24 (pgs 126-146)
        Mon 4/14: Discuss Chapters 25-26 (pgs 147-165) Passover
        Friday 4/18 or 4/19: Attend a Passover Meal
        Sunday 4/20 EASTER – HE IS RISEN!
        Mon 4/21: Discuss Chapters 27-28 (pgs 166-191) WHAT is OUR Response to Christ’s amazing sacrifice – given out of purest love and obedience to God? Possible service project this night.

        • Kim,

          I LOVE it! This is a fantastic idea! I don’t have any specific ideas right now, I’d have to look back through the book and think about it. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything. I would love if you’d share what else you come up with and how it goes for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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