The Scoop on Grains: My Journey Part 2

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Last week, I wrote about our family’s journey with whole grains. I told you how I started out making all our bread with store-bought whole wheat flour and a bread machine and eventually began to learn about the health benefits of freshly ground, soaked flour and the wide variety of grains available besides wheat. I shared how I began to make “blender batter” recipes that offered a way to reap the health benefits of soaked grains  (which I briefly explained) while I saved for a grain mill.

For Mother’s Day, 2004, I was finally able to purchase my Nutrimill and begin the adventure of buying whole grains in bulk for most of my family’s bread and baked goods. I’ve had my Nutrimill for nearly 7 years now and I’ve been very happy with it. I wrote more about it’s features a year or so ago if you’re interested in more details. The difference in the fresh-ground flour and the store-bought whole wheat flour was incredible, both in flavor and texture!

L'Equip 760200 NutriMill Grain Mill

I began to experiment with grains like spelt and kamut. Having the mill literally opened up a whole new world of options for me. Now I could make baked goods from not just wheat but all kinds of other grains: familiar options like rice, less familiar options like barley and millet, and even beans and popcorn (if you haven’t tried my Popcorn Cornbread recipe yet, you must!). This was when I began to really learn about the different types of whole grains, their health benefits, and what could be done with each of them.

At first, I continued using my bread machine cookbook recipe. By now I was using two bread machines so I could make two loaves at a time, and my family was growing. It became apparent pretty quickly that the ability to make large batches of dough at once that could be made into multiple loaves or split up for different uses would be a timesaver and simplify my routine greatly, so I began researching heavy duty mixers.

Eventually, for Mother’s Day in 2007, I was able to get a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer with Blender. I got a heckuva deal on the old style as they cleared them out for the new redesign.  Now I could make several loaves of bread, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, or any of a variety of items out of one big batch of dough, which didn’t take any longer to make than a small batch!

Since then, I’ve found recipes that work well for our family that have become staples and I’m always learning new ways to use a variety of freshly ground, soaked or sprouted whole grains to make all kinds of delicious baked goods and dishes for our table! In coming weeks I’ll share much of what I’ve learned with you, beginning next week with some background on whole grains in general and then moving on to the one most familiar to most of us: wheat.

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  1. I took a little class on how to do this, and would LOVE to eventually get a mill and a Bosch!! For now, I am just buying live grain bread. It would be so nice to have to tools for making it easier to make myself though!Visiting you today from the Hop!

  2. oh, I'd love to hear more! I do have a grinder, it's a Ktech..but I use it mostly to make whole wheat to add to cookies, my bread machine bread never comes out, so I gave up. I'd love to learn to make bread in the oven! Right now I am soaking oatmeal to make oatcakes, which I love-love-love. I am hoping to branch out and learn how to soak grains for bread. I can't wait to read more :)(visiting from HHH!)

  3. Hi Kara, stopping over from HHH Today! I hope you get your package today from the show off your homeschool party! Melissa

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