The Snowflake: A Novella by Jamie Carie (Mom’s Bookshelf)

The Snowflake
Believe it or not, it’s time for the busyness of the holiday season! If you’re a reader like me, you might find spending a couple of hours with  The Snowflake by Jamie Carie a pleasant way to unwind in keeping with the holiday spirit.

This short novella tells the story of Ellen Pierce and her brother, who are en route to reach the Alaska gold rush in 1897 when their steamship is stalled in the ice.  Rather than stay with the ship and face possible starvation, Buck Lewis, another passenger, leads those who are willing on a dangerous wilderness trek to reach Dawson City. Ellen and her brother join the group. Ellen, as the only woman in the group, must struggle to survive, and then make her own way in an unfamiliar Alaskan frontier town. The story switches between Ellen and Buck’s perspectives as they each struggle with the circumstances they find themselves in and their growing attraction to each other.

The Snowflake was a quick, enjoyable read. It’s a sweet, inspiring story, and Ms. Carie did a great job of portraying an Alaskan frontier town. I felt that both the plot and characters could’ve had a bit more depth, but then again this was not meant to be a full length novel.  I thought the discussion questions at the end were a great feature and found them quite insightful. All in all, I think this little book makes a great way to spend a cold evening after a busy day this holiday season, enjoying a cup of something nice and hot.

Thanks so much to Julie Gwinn at B&H Publishing for providing a review copy to me!

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