Operation "Tone Up" Week Four: A Short Week

I apologize for being belated with my fourth update on my T-Tapp exercise routine. As I explained in another post, my week took an unexpected turn when we learned that my grandpa had passed away. We wound up being out of town all of Friday and Saturday and this is the first chance I’ve had to update. I did manage to do Basic Workout Plus two times during the week and Primary Back Stretch, which you can read more about in my first update, several times.
Here’s how the week went:
  • Monday: Basic Workout Plus 
  • Tuesday: Primary Back Stretch afternoon and bedtime
  • Wednesday: Primary Back Stretch afternoon and bedtime
  • Thursday: Basic Workout Plus and an additional Primary Back Stretch at bedtime
  • Friday: out of town

My posture continues to feel and look better to me and anytime my back and/or neck are bothering me, a Primary Back Stretch helps a great deal!

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my measurements show that I’m down another 2.75 inches over last week, even though I only got the workout in twice, for a total inch loss of 7.5 inches in three weeks. And remember, I didn’t measure when I started so I don’t know what my inch loss was for that first week.

I think I continued to lose inches despite working out less this week because my spine is strengthening and now that I’m back into the routine I’m much more conscious of my posture and body mechanics, meaning I’m pulling everything in and helping strengthen it even more just as I go about my daily routine.

Considering that my week was derailed a bit, I’m pleased with my results!
Looking forward to another week!

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  1. I'm loving my results as well!! I don't have my measurements in front of me, but within 2 weeks, I have lost 5" in my waist alone! YAY!!!! 🙂 Love my T-Tapp!!!

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