Operation "Tone Up" Week Five: A Tough Week

No, I haven’t forgotten my weekly update! I decided it would be better to post on Saturday, which will allow for anything I get in on Friday evening or Saturday to be included. 
All of the kids’ fall activities started up this week and I had a harder time fitting the workout in than I have before. It didn’t help that my husband’s car also broke down, which wouldn’t be such a big deal if he didn’t work forty minutes away! Still, I did manage to do Basic Workout Plus three times and Primary Back Stretch, which you can read more about in my first update, several times.
Here’s how the week went:

My measurements are down another 1.5 inches this week, for a total of 9 inches (not including the first week, when I hadn’t measured yet). 

I’ll admit that my form was probably a bit sloppier than usual this week because I was more pressed for time and I was just plain tired. I even skipped Hoe-Downs on Thursday because I felt so tired…even though they most likely would’ve helped with that!

Hoe-Downs are the very last exercise in the workout. They last just three minutes but can reportedly drop your blood sugar 62-85 points in that time! I’ve never tested mine, but I know several people who have and have had dramatic results. They help improve coordination, balance hormone levels (PMS or menopause anyone?), and boy do they get your heart pumping! 
Check them out:
My top priority for getting back into this routine was not necessarily to lose a bunch of inches (although I was hoping to lose a few in a few key areas!) but to strengthen my weak core muscles and eliminate my back and neck pain and discomfort. I’m definitely feeling results in that area! My “problem spots” still act up, though much less frequently, and everything goes back into place much easier…usually all I need to do is a quick Primary Back Stretch and I fell much better. I’m not quite ready to totally give up my chiropractor, but I’m certainly not feeling the need to visit him quite as often! Mornings waking up with a tired, sore back and neck are virtually gone. To me, these results are the main benefit (although I’m pleased with the inch loss also!)

I keep forgetting to try to get some rebounding in!  I need to do that.

I’ll check in again next Saturday!

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  1. Hi Kara ~ I just followed your post out from the FB TTapp page! LOL I *can't believe* I ignored the TTapp threads all these years . . . what an amazing, productive workout! 😀

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