Fun and even better…FREE: Lego Digital Designer

Every kid loves Legos, especially 9 year old boys, right? If you’ve got a child who loves them as much as the Karate Kid (my 9 year old son), this free software is well worth downloading! Lego Digital Designer is essentially a CAD tool that uses virtual Legos. There are options to either use a starter design or “free build”, making your own creation from scratch. Karate Kid, my budding engineer, always designs from scratch. The sky’s the limit…create buildings, vehicles, animals, anything you’d create with the real bricks. There’s even an option where it calculates how many and what size bricks your design used and tells you how much it would be to order it from the online store. You can design a box, name your creation, and actually order it! How cool is that?!

It’s available from the Lego website as a free download for both Mac and Windows, with tutorial videos to help get you started. When my son first stumbled onto it I was sure it must just be a trial version, but it’s the full program, with all features. He’s spent many happy hours designing projects, seeing how much they’d cost, and scheming how to save his allowance to actually order a couple of them.

Fun and educational both…you can’t beat that!

Another plus: the virtual creations are not near as likely as the actual creations to be dismantled or destroyed by a busy younger sibling. Of course he still does like to actually play with his actual Legos too.

This neat free resource is definitely working well for our family! If you have a Lego lover in your house, you should download it and give it a try.

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  1. My boys really love that program!

  2. Oooh, that is the serious cool, and I can't wait until my kids are old enough to try it! In the meantime, though, I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband might like it! Thanks for the link.

  3. My son LOVES this and all his Legos. Happy iFellowship day!

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