Family Discipleship Part 13: God’s Mighty Acts in Creation and Salvation by Starr Meade (Family Bookshelf)

In this series, I’ve been sharing different resources that our family has used and enjoyed over the years to disciple our children in the spirit of Deuteronomy 6. Our family has really enjoyed several of Starr Meade’s resources, like Training Hearts, Teaching Minds and Grandpa’s Box, so when I saw her newest books, I was eager to get my hands on them! Both God’s Mighty Acts in Creation and God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation are aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. They’re fairly short…just over 100 pages each…but packed full of Biblical truth.

God's Mighty Acts in Creation
God’s Mighty Acts in Creation consists of 45 interactive readings that guide children through the six days of creation. The first two readings are in an introductory section and address the concept of general revelation, while the rest are organized by day, beginning with “Day 1: Light and Water” and ending with “Day 6: Animals and People”.  Each reading begins with a key verse followed by a short (about a page and a half) reading and an “As for me and my house…” application section that contains several thought-provoking questions and related activities.
I expected this book to simply go through the six days of creation, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it does so much more! It uses the six days as a framework not only to show how created things display God’s power and wisdom in the creation story, but to explore and apply many other references to nature throughout the Bible and to show how all His created works reflect who He is. For example, “Day 1: Light and Water” contains readings on Jesus as the Light of the World and the Living Water, “Day 3: Land and Plants” addresses God’s sovereignty over nations and Jesus as the True Vine, “Day 5: Birds and Fish” discusses the ravens feeding Elijah, and “Day 6: Animals and People” includes Daniel and the lions.

God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation

God's Mighty Acts in Salvation
God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation goes through the entire book of Galatians, teaching the core truths of the gospel and introducing and explaining such concepts as justification, the priority of Scripture, and the relationship between the old and new covenants in terms that are easily understandable for the upper elementary/pre-teen age range. The forty readings are in the same format as in God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation: key verse, reading, and application.
I’m very impressed. This is basically an in-depth, verse-by-verse study of the book of Galatians for children. There’s so much more here than the usual over-simplifications of the gospel that Jesus died for our sins and we should ask him into our hearts. Each reading covers a key element of the gospel. Imputation, justification, sanctification, covenants…all these and more are discussed. The concepts are clearly presented and unpacked in simple, easy to understand terms.
One of the things I love about Ms. Meade’s books is that she doesn’t water things down…she has a real gift for putting difficult concepts into terms that are simple enough for young children to grasp. Using her books together, I’ve seen my kids have several “a-ha” moments where they were able to clearly understand and articulate back to me truths that I didn’t fully understand until adulthood. This new set continues to follow that trend. They’re engaging and meaty, perfect for family or individual use. My nine year old is using them for his personal devotional time, but I plan to go through them to discuss as a family in the near future. I highly recommend both God’s Mighty Acts in Creation and God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation, and I’m hopeful there will possibly be more titles in the series!
Be sure to visit the Crossway blog to see what others are saying about this series and for news on the latest releases. Thanks to Angie Cheatham at Crossway for providing review copies to me. 
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  1. This sounds like something we need to add to our home library. With the spread of ages of the children it is wonderful (and difficult) to find books that will reach more than just a kid or three at a time. 🙂 We love watching Dr. Hovind in this house. He covers the science of the literal 6 days of creation. Wonderful! ( if you would like to check on him)

  2. These sound good, especially the study of Galatians for kids! Thanks for the reviews!Heather

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