Operation "Tone Up" Week Three: More Progress!

It’s time for my third check-in with my new T-Tapp exercise routine. I was able to do Basic Workout Plus three times during the week. One evening I did Primary Back Stretch, which you can read more about in my first update, before bed even though I didn’t get the workout in. I’d like to get the workout in one more time this weekend, but my Saturday and Sunday are super full this week so we’ll see.
Here’s how the week went:

My back and neck have bothered me a little bit more this week than they did last week, but overall they still feel much better than they had been. I’m beginning to notice the difference in my posture and my waist has changed visibly.  

My measurements show that I’m down another 2.75 inches over last week, for a total inch loss of 4.75 inches in two weeks. And remember, I didn’t measure when I started so I don’t know what my inch loss was for that first week.

Not bad!!
Looking forward to another week!

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