Operation "Tone Up" Week One: So Far So Good!

As I explained earlier this week, I’m trying to get back into a regular exercise routine. Since T-Tapp has been successful for me in the past, my plan is to do the fifteen minute Basic Workout Plus (BWO+) at least three times a week, then check in here each Friday so YOU can hold me accountable!

So, here’s how my first week went:

  • Monday: Successfully got the BWO+ in!
  • Tuesday: BWO+ again
  • Wednesday: Went swimming with friends and didn’t get it in, but did do a quick Primary Back Stretch right before bed (see below for more on the PBS)
  • Thursday: BWO+
  • Friday: Hubby’s day off and just didn’t get it in….did do Primary Back Stretch again
No rebounding this week.
I plan to try to do BWO+ one more time this weekend, probably on Saturday.
Results so far:

There is definitely a noticeable difference already in my back and neck. In the last few months, my neck in particular has given me trouble (weird, since in the past my lower back has been my trouble area). It gets very misaligned and makes awful crunching sounds when I turn my head. I’m sure it’s from laying awkwardly to nurse the baby during the night. My chiropractor can fix it up wonderfully, but it gets out of whack again after a few days. Well, it’s been several weeks since I’ve been to see my chiro and my neck was pretty crunchy! After my first day of BWO+, no more crunchiness! My neck feels great!
I feel like my posture has already improved also.
I didn’t do my measurements early enough in the week to compare this week, so we’ll see what happens there next week. I did look back at my results when I first started this routine back in 2007 and I lost a total of more than 10 inches in the first five weeks. Remember, these results are from someone who started out underweight but just wanted to tone. I’ve talked with others who needed to lose weight who had MUCH more dramatic results! 
I mentioned doing a Primary Back Stretch (PBS) on days I didn’t get to the do full routine. The PBS is the first exercise in the routine. Here’s a little bit of what Teresa Tapp (the creator of T-Tapp) says about it:

“In addition to contributing to increased endurance and faster fat burning, Primary Back Stretch also offers a multitude of healthy benefits, such as better circulation with warmer hands and feet, better lymphatic function with less swelling or edema, improved mental clarity with fewer headaches, and improved energy for those with autoimmune disorders.”

An impressive list, and I can testify that my back feels great after doing it! I’ve often used it as a quick before-bed or whenever-my-back-is-bothering-me-stretch over the last several years, even when I haven’t been consistently doing the entire routine.
I also enjoyed skimming back through Teresa Tapp’s book this week. I prefer following the routine on the DVDs, even though it’s included in the book (along with the longer Total Workout, which is 45 minutes long), but I really like the information in the book that tells exactly what each exercise does and which muscles it affects. 
Once I get an exercise routine established, I’d like to try to add the Total Workout or Step Away the Inches in once a week also.
So there’s my week one update!  This was a super busy, hectic week and still I didn’t really have a problem fitting it in. Next week should be a “normal” week so it should be even easier. 
Watch for my weekly updates every Friday.

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  1. I bought T-TAPP last summer…and I loved how it made me feel. Lately I've just been riding our stationary bike, but I would love to get back into a T-TAPP routine…I think it would do wonders for my lower back 🙂

  2. I bought the basic TTapp last spring and really need to do it. I keep forgetting. 20 min should be do-able, though. thanks for the reminder!

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