Cleaning With Steam: Effective, Frugal, and Green!

Update: Unfortunately, my concerns about the durability of the mop handle proved to be correct. After about 2 years of use, the handle on my Steamfast mop hasn’t held up. We’ve tried several things to reinforce it, but it’s still flimsy and the plastic has cracked where the handle screws in. It still works great as a handheld, but I’m disappointed that I can’t really mop with it anymore. I’m back to using the Bissell.

Several months ago, I wrote about how much I love using my steam mop to clean my ceramic tile floors. Not long after, I was contacted by the nice people at Steamfast. They wondered if I’d be willing to try one of their Steamfast 3 in 1 mops and see how I thought it compared to my Bissell Green Tea. I wasn’t familiar with the Steamfast, but I told them I was willing to give it a try! Now that I’ve had the opportunity to try it out for several months, I’m ready to report what I think.

Apparently the Steamfast is primarily sold via infomercial, which explains why I hadn’t heard of it. It’s not only a mop, but also a handheld steam cleaner with multiple attachments, and a fabric steamer. I’ll admit that I was very skeptical of it, I thought it sounded too “gimmicky”. I’ve been pleasantly surprised over the past several months, though!

As a mop:

Compared to my Bissell, the Steamfast is lighter weight and easier to manuever. I also like the flatter mopping surface. The flat design of the mop head allows it to contact more surface area, which means it cleans the floor even better than my Bissell. As an added bonus, I just recently discovered that my Bissell mop pads fit nicely on the Steamfast too! The adjustability is a huge plus…with the Bissell, it’s on when it’s plugged in, period, with no adjustment possible, and the only way to keep the steam going is to keep the “trigger” pulled, which can be tiring on the finger. I much prefer the adjustable dial on the Steamfast. The water reservoir is about equal size and equally easy to refill on both. The one negative I found with the Steamfast is that the handle feels a bit flimsy to me.  Also, one thing the Bissell has that’s lacking on the Steamfast: a filter that changes color to let you know when it needs replacing.

As a steam cleaner:

Besides the advantages over the Bissell as a mop, I’ve really enjoyed the steam cleaner attachments on the Steamfast. The transformation from mop to steam cleaner is easy and only takes a couple of minutes to accomplish and it’s done a good job on nearly everything I’ve tried it on: kitchen sink and appliances, bathroom, etc. I’ve been impressed with the job it does on my floor grout! The grout I picked when we built the house is entirely too light and is nearly impossible to keep clean. I’ve borrowed two other types of steam cleaners and wasn’t all that impressed with them. They cleaned okay, but their job on my grout was less than stellar. They were difficult to use, messy, and ran out of steam way too fast, even though the tanks were huge compared to the Steamfast. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to wait for them to cool down before you could open and refill them. The Steamfast is a piece of cake to use compared to them. My 12 year old has used it on her own with no problem. She thinks it’s great fun to see what nastiness she can find to blast with it! My one concern is how durable the brush attachments are going to be. I’m hoping they hold up awhile, although there are replacements available on their website.

I’ll admit I still haven’t gotten around to using the fabric steamer, so I can’t give any feedback there.

So…here’s my verdict:

To my surprise, I prefer the Steamfast to the Bissell! My 12 year old daughter, who has the weekly job of mopping the kitchen and dining room and cleaning the hall bath, concurs. We both seem to be reaching for it first. My poor Bissell hasn’t been getting any love in the last few months…it sits, neglected, in the laundry room.

I took a couple quick before and after pics of my grout in one of the highest traffic areas of my kitchen to show you.


After 5 minutes with the Steamfast:

If you’re interested in a steam mop, the Bissell and the Steamfast are both good choices, but I think the Steamfast has some clear advantages. The cost is nearly the same, though the Steamfast does a bit better mopping job and has the added bonus of also being a steam cleaner and fabric steamer. My only concern in the long run is the durability. I know the Bissell is sturdy, I’m hoping the same proves true for the Steamfast, although replacement parts are readily available on the website.

I’ve been using steam to clean my floors for two years now and I love the results! In fact, I find steam to be an effective tool to clean multiple areas of my home. It’s simple, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, not to mention safer than all those chemical cleaners for the little people and furry family members. Regardless of which mop or steamer you choose, it’s worth a try!

(Disclosure: Thank you to Steamfast for providing me with a Steamfast 3 in 1 at no charge. I received no other compensation nor was I required to give a positive review. The opinions I’ve expressed are my own.)

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  1. Man… you make me want one. Are they good on real wood floors???

  2. @Kristal…I can't speak from personal experience since I don't have wood floors, but I've read positive reviews from several people who do, and the company claims that it's safe for them. The adjustable dial would be a big plus here so you could keep it turned low on the wood.

  3. Sandra C. in Moulton says:

    What about the cost?

  4. Cool! I was wondering what I might use to clean the grout in my ceramic floors. Now I know 🙂

  5. SUh-weet! I've been looking at getting something like this, too. :DThank you for sharing!Sherry

  6. That seems really great. We had a steam cleaner once, but not with a mop attachment, and it did a really great job of cleaning our disgustingly dirty stove and oven without needing to spray nasty expensive chemicals. Does yours work like that as well, or is yours mainly for floors?Here from WFMW and household cents.

  7. Thanks for your input. I am trying to decide between the Steamfast 3-in-1 or Shark Steam Mop. I like that you can use the Steamfast as a steam cleaner. Decisions… Decisions…

  8. Wow, the Steamfast did a great job on your tiles! Your floor looks great, especially the grout.

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