Super Cute, Super Simple Little Girl Sundresses!

My 11 year old daughter and I recently came across a cute, easy way to make adorable sundresses for little girls….using pillowcases of all things! I stumbled on the idea while reading Noel Piper’s blog. She and her daughter were making some of the dresses to send to Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center.
We decided it would be a worthy…and fun…project, so we picked out some cute pillowcases and set to work! They were so simple that my 11 year old did them with very minimal assistance from me, using these directions.
We made 4 dresses, keeping one for my 4 year old and sending the rest to Haiti. The first dress took the longest, as we figured out the process. Once we knew what we were doing, we formed an assembly line–I cut, ironed, and pinned while she sewed. We finished the other three dresses in under an hour.
Our fabulous model.
Not only is this a fun, easy project, it made adorable, inexpensive dresses! It cost around $8-$9 for the materials to make two dresses. What a fun way to stock a little girl’s summer wardrobe…or help an organization like Real Hope for Haiti clothe little girls!

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  1. What a super project and for a great cause! It will be so fun to get to sew with my daughter when she's a little older!

  2. I love pillowcase dresses! They're so adorable, and quick to make! 🙂 Great post. Blessings, Michele

  3. We love making these. We made some for Little Dresses for Africa this past summer. You can make some for bigger girls by making your own "pillowcase". My daughter uses these as bathing suit coverups. Cute, cute!

  4. How cute! I want to try these with my daughter!!

  5. Those are great! My mom made a ton of these last summer for my girls. She found a bundle of pillowcases at a thrift store for almost nothing!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very cute!So nice to see you again–I enjoy your blog!

  7. I have a friend that makes these and gets all of the pillowcases at the thrift store. They also use them as a shirt for older girls {with something underneath} ~ super cute!

  8. Wow!it is so attractive and cute dress.

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