As the Kitchen Goes, So Goes the House

I’ve heard the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I don’t quite agree…I believe the people are the heart of the home.


But I do think, at least for my home, that the kitchen is the center of the home. Partly because it’s literally in the center of my home, partly because I spend a large portion of my day on tasks there, partly because it’s where my family is physically nourished. There is a definite relationship between the state of my kitchen and the state of the rest of the house. When my kitchen is clean, counters cleared, the whole house feels and looks so much neater and more peaceful. Keeping it clean and uncluttered is a priority for me in order to bless my family and make my home sing.


As I’ve mentioned before, I focus on one area of my home each weekday. Monday is my “Kitchen & Dining Room Day”. I have a checklist that I go through every Monday:


  • Wipe all counters & backsplashes (moving any small appliances, etc.)
  • Scrub sink
  • Clean & empty toaster
  • Wipe out microwave
  • Straighten & wipe refrigerator shelves
  • Straighten pantry
  • Clear off & wipe down bar
  • Clean & polish table
  • Clean dining room mirror
  • Water plants

My kids do the following:

  • sweep & mop
  • wipe down large appliances & trashcan (the stainless steel trashcan gets smudges & fingerprints too!)
  • wipe down dining room chairs & barstools
  • dust bookshelf & blinds
Virtually nothing on this list (besides vacuuming/mopping) takes more than two or three minutes to complete…in fact, most probably take only one minute or so! Often, they don’t seem necessary. For example, the microwave frequently looks clean and the pantry shelves are in reasonable order. Still, taking just a minute or two now to go ahead and wipe out the microwave or straighten a couple of items on a pantry shelf, saves me from spending many times that later when it’s been let go until it really needs it.

It’s a menial, mundane list of tasks…but if I complete it on Monday, maintaining it throughout the week takes minimal time. This leaves me more time to spend with my family and keeps the room uncluttered and peaceful, setting the tone for the rest of the house.

This Monday, I also plan to:
    • sort the baby’s clothes and pull the next size/season from storage. I’ve gotten pretty good at staying on top of culling clothes that are getting too small and keeping the kids’ drawers and closets uncluttered, but at this stage he’s growing so fast it’s hard to keep things rotated and his drawers are stuffed and cluttered!
  • Get out my fall decorations. I bought nice artificial pumpkins and gourds at Hobby Lobby this week to use in my baskets and centerpieces instead of buying real stuff.

All small tasks, but each one contributes to my goal of creating a peaceful, comfortable, pleasant home for my family.

How are you “making your home sing” today? Visit Mom’s The Word to see how others are doing it.

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  1. Hey, that's a great idea. Doing it everyday saves you from having to scrape all the crud once a week. Focusing on one area of the home a day makes the place look all spiffy all the time. Great job.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! Love your cleaning schedule, it really does make it much easier when you have a plan. Keeps everything from piling up.I love your blog and enjoyed looking around. For your cream of chicken soup I assume you can use 2% milk to lower the fat. I wonder if you could use nonfat milk? How many cubes do you use?Thank you for linking up today!

  3. Thank you for posting this. I am currently in an organizing overhaul. Things have gotten so outta control here and I am taking charge (with a help from a friend too). My goal is to get everything in order by the end of the year. I am taking it one room at a time.

  4. I like a clean kitchen, too. So does my hubby. I have learned that the rest of the house can be a disaster, but if the kitchen is clean then my husband feels like the whole house is clean.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! A clean kitchen is quite calming to the stressed woman! I'm looking at your zones next.

  6. I tackle one room a day too! Today my focus is on my 2 year old daughter's bedroom/toy room. I agree, a clean kitchen makes for a very clear minded mama!

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful!!!Do you have a place to store your small appliances? I love clear counters but I use my mixer, coffee pot, etc daily..

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