Purposeful Links #94

Tips for eliminating paper clutter, mean moms, kids and Kindles, and more in this week's edition of Purposeful Links.

Here are this week’s purposeful links:

  • Do your kids use a Kindle or other electronic reading device? My older two each have their own and do a lot of their reading on them, and I love mine, even though there are things I appreciate about physical books too. Mandi at Life Your Way has some thoughts on kids and Kindles.

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A+ Interactive Math: An Engaging Online Program for All Ages (Review Crew)

A+ Interactive Math

We’ve tried several different online math programs in our homeschool.

Some have been supplemental, some have been to fill in between grades and/or brush up skills, and some have served as our primary math program for a time. A couple of years ago, we tried out A+ Interactive Math for Kendall’s (9) first grade year. We really liked it, and used it as her primary math program for the school year.

Now, we’ve had the chance to try out their Family Math Package for 6 months. Our subscription for the program I’d been using for both Kyle (14), and Kendall (9) just expired, so it seemed like this would be the perfect thing to fill in for the rest of the school year and into the summer. We already knew we liked the format, and instead of a single grade level, this package lets me add multiple students and grade levels. So they can both do their respective levels, and I was even able to set up a student log-in for Kade (6) so he could try it out.

The Family Math Package has all the features we enjoyed when we did an individual grade level, with the added benefit of allowing students to access all grade levels instead of being locked into just one. So, if I feel like one of my kids has advanced in skills enough to start the next level, I can easily move them up. I’m not locked in to one level. [Read more...]

La La Logic Preschool Curriculum: Critical Thinking for Young Learners (Review Crew)

La La Logic graphic

I know. I don’t even have a preschooler anymore.

But Kade (6) has been enjoying working through the La La Logic Preschool Curriculum for the last several weeks anyway. The online brain training activities it includes have been great practice and reinforcement of basic skills for him as we wrap up the school year, and have given me time to work with his older siblings to help them get all the loose ends tied up for the year.

La La Logic is geared toward ages three to six, and includes 100 weeks worth of lesson plans, including online “brain challenges”, parent/child enrichment activities, and printables full of coloring, cutting, gluing, and other hands on activities. It’s based on the latest brain plasticity research, using problems found in childhood intelligence (IQ) tests as the models for the activities. Instead of the usual focus on teaching the mechanics of reading and math, it focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills. [Read more...]

Purposeful Links #93

Minimalist wardrobes, talking to our kids about sex, important things that tests can't measure, and more in this week's edition of purposeful links.

Here are this week’s purposeful links:

  • Have y’all seen this post that’s been going viral on social media? Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to go that far, but I love the concept!
  • It’s standardized test time for public schoolers in my state, and many, many parents and teachers aren’t happy about it. This post at the All About Learning blog on important things that tests can’t measure is refreshing and a good reminder, whether your child is in public, private or home school.

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Purposeful Links #92

Room cleaning tips, heaven on earth, sheltered homeschoolers, and more in this week's edition of Purposeful Links.

Here are this week’s purposeful links:

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Purposeful Links #91

In this week's edition of Purposeful Links: reasons to eat more chocolate, escaping a sleeping baby, a twist on the socialization argument, and more.

Here are this week’s purposeful links:

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